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I think it is crazy people are buying water in plastic bottle in Iceland. You can drink water from every tap and almost anywhere in nature.

The drinking pal is the solution. Buy one bottle when you arrive in Iceland and use it for all your trip. Take photos of you with your drinking pal. If you buy a drinking pal part of the fee will go to protect nature in Iceland.

Part of the idea would be putting up public drinking taps all around Iceland were you can fill up your drinking pal.


Additional Details

  • Listing Status:For Sharing, Help Needed
  • Reason for Listing:To promote environmental product development and use across my Country.
  • Listing Availability:Iceland
  • Help Needed:National Input, Information, Solution Options, Ideation Services, Publicity
  • Donation Link:None
  • Petition Link:None
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    Should be seriously looked into.

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    2/ 5

    Given the amount of plastic in our oceans, seems only right that we do something about it.

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    2.5/ 5

    Anything that can be done to minimise the effect of plastic in our environment must be undertaken as soon as possible. Who wants to help?

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