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Ideas-Shared was created by Ivar Ingimarsson and Bob Thompson who together have a passion for helping people achieve their goals.

Of course, Ideas-Shared enables members to share their ideas and illicit help from strangers and friends alike; however, the platform is about all types of change and improvement.

Change and improvement strategy enables anyone to point out inefficiencies within their World. These inefficiencies can relate to any topic including poor performance which on Ideas-Shared is facilitated through the medium of ‘problem listings’ and ‘blast listings’.

Any member can list those problems which are causing them frustration; or, post a blast to highlight how they’ve been aggrieved.

Ideas come about from finding ways to overcome problems that we all have as individuals and society as a whole. But that’s not all, as Ideas-Shared also enables members to post ‘solutions’ that can solve peoples’ problems and also ‘events’ and ‘announcements’ that need to be carried out along the journey to overcome a problem or implement an idea.

The World has become incredibly complex and fragmented and we feel it is not in good shape.

The World is under pressure from climate change and man-made disasters that stem from greed, power and ideology.

We believe that it’s time for ordinary people to make their voices heard through sharing genuine feelings of concern. We need to rise above petty politics and start to focus on building a safe and sustainable future for the generations to come. We have inordinate numbers of problems and challenges that include fragile financial and environmental bases as well as human inefficiency.

Even in 2018, after thousands of years dominating this planet, there is huge debt, poverty and destruction all around us.

We cannot or shouldn’t simply hide behind fluffy postings on Facebook or allow Google to dominate our lives through their view of what is the ‘right content’ and we certainly cannot continue to allow our politicians (on every side) mess up important global events such as ‘Brexit’.

As importantly, we cannot let our long-standing financial systems that benefit only a few continue to bleed us all dry from global debt and the growing impact it has on all of us.

The World is bankrupt with too many financial restrictions and inequality and it’s time for change.

It’s time for people everywhere to stand up and put forward their own ideas and tell the World about the problems they face which make life frustrating. It’s time to speak out about the inefficiencies that are so often glossed over.

If you have an idea that you’re willing to share for local or global good, or if you have a problem or experienced poor performance then share your feelings with an Ideas-Shared blast listing.

It is only through having transparency and by taking appropriate action through the realisation of ideas large and small, that we can take back ownership and drive out incompetence, indifference, bureaucracy, hypocrisy, greed and all that makes life difficult for law-abiding people.

It really is all about change and improvement…


Additional Details

  • Listing Status:For Sharing
  • Reason for Listing:To demonstrate the potential power of our platform
  • Listing Availability:Global across about 4.1 billion internet users.
  • Help Needed:Immediate Response, Global Input, Publicity, Direct Action, Investment/Capital, Community Support, Business Support
  • Donation Link:None
  • Petition Link:None
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    You need to be at least 18 years old to join our Community.

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    5/ 5

    Sharing makes you younger and happier so everyone take part 🙂

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    5/ 5

    This can be an amazing tool when everything is finished. Really looking forward to the future.

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