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It was 2012 when the tourist industry in Iceland really kicked off. We had the volcanic eruption in Eyjafjallajökull in 2010 that closed airports all over the world and many thinking back trying to remember were they were say; “it was the year Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland grounded all airplanes”. This eruption gave Iceland massive advertising boost worth a lot of money. Few years before that we had the financial crises were all three major banks in Iceland got burst and our currency ISK lost it value. That meant everyone knew were Iceland was and it was “cheap” to travel to and that kicked started the tourist boom.

In my opinion it was great that people released where Iceland was and how beautiful the country is as many of us Icelanders had forgotten and all the  tourist reminded us of that and we should not take our country for granted.

I remember the Northern Lights as kid, they were great and after night out of some misbehave you lay down in the grass just outside the fishing town you lived in and enjoyed the Northern lights dancing around. I realised they were beautiful but I thought the whole world could see them – how wrong was I. Now hundred of thousands of people visit Iceland often with the only goal of seeing the Northern Lights.

I always went down to the harbour to do fishing as a kid, if you caught a big cod you took it home to be cooked, but most of the time you just throw it back to the sea and did not think much of it. Now one of the thing tourist love doing is fishing at the harbour and get it coked at the local restaurant.

I loved walking the mountains when I was I kid and I still do. On my walks I got  thirsty I just put my head down into a river or a spring and had a drink as nothing was more normal. When I moved abroad and had my own children and to them back home to Iceland  for visit one of the highlights was not going whale watching or swimming in a pool, but hiking and drinking water from spring or a river. To day thousands of visitors experience the same as my kids did, this freedom of drinking water from nature and no from plastic bottle or tap smelling of chlorine.

In Iceland you get really close to nature and driving Road 1 around Iceland (1321km) is like nature safari, at each bend on the road you see something new, waterfall, classier, lake, sea, seal or just a different kind of weather or light. That is why many are stopping all over the ring road, often not in very clever places enjoying the view to the frustration of the locals who are just trying to get as fast between a and b.

Iceland is very beautiful and thanks to all our visitors many more of us locals are realising that fact. So please keep coming over, and enjoy our country in friendly respectful way

See you in Iceland,


Additional Details

      Q When is the best time to see the Northern Lights in Iceland?

      You can see the Northern Lights from 20th August to 20th of April (ish). It needs to be dark and as soon as you can look into the sky at night and see the stars you have a change of seeing the Northern Light. My tip is; the more you look the luckier you get.

      Q Can I fish my own cod in Iceland?

      Yes everyone is allowed fish in the sea for a meal. Buy a fishing road and take it to the harbour and try your luck, just make sure you are not in the way of working people, they do not like that.

      Q Can I drink tap water in Iceand?

      Oh yes you can. You can drink tap water everywhere in Iceland, in fact you should never buy water in Iceland. Just have your own bottle with you and fill it up. You can also drink water from rivers and springs in Iceland. Tip; when drinking water from a river or spring next to the road drink the water before it goes under the road because of waist from the road.

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