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Change and Improvement Anyone?

And so, here we are just a few moments away from Great Britain having a new Prime Minister. Is it going to be Jeremy Hunt or Boris Johnson?

Before we let our minds wander too far in anticipation, let’s take a brief look at how we got here.

The History

The United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, also known as the EU referendum, the European referendum and the Brexit referendum, took place on 23 June 2016 in the United Kingdom (UK) and Gibraltar.

It was tasked with asking the electorate if the country should remain a member of, or leave the European Union (EU), under the provisions of the European Union Referendum Act 2015 and the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000.

There was a hope, that by asking such a binary ‘Yes/No’ question that the populations would by a good margin vote to remain; but the political classes were totally removed from reality with millions of people unhappy with the way we are being governed internally and externally by the EU.

Most sane and reasonably educated people would look at the question and the argument and realise that a binary ‘Yes/No’ question was a nonsense and that should the ‘wrong’ result occur, then the resultant effects would be catastrophic.

Wow, the referendum resulted in 51.9% of votes being in favour of leaving the EU (17,410,742 votes). It was the first time that a national referendum result had gone against the preferred option of the UK Government. Cameron was succeeded by Home Secretary Theresa May on 13 July 2016. Congratulations Boris Johnson.

If they want to leave, they should do it now, Jean-Claude Juncker fumed, to the emphatic agreement of the then European parliament president, Martin Schulz. It was 24 June 2016, and hours earlier, the British people had decided to leave the EU. The two men were holed up in an emergency meeting in the European commission president’s office in Brussels along with Donald Tusk, Juncker’s counterpart in the European council. The anger was “quite visible”, an EU source later recalled and global stock markets were tumbling. There was panic in the air. Tusk, though devastated by the result he had predicted, counselled for calm.

Now, Brussels had no choice but to wait it out for the formal two years of withdrawal talks to start. There would be no negotiation without Britain’s formal notification of their wish to leave.

Article 50 was triggered.

The government initiated the official EU withdrawal process on 29 March 2017, meaning that the UK was due to leave the EU in 2 years, by 11PM on 29 March 2019, UK time.

Nearly three years on from that monumental decision and after the EU’s decision to provide a new 31 October deadline for a Brexit deal, we are still waiting to leave.

Throughout, our messed-up politics has threatened to break up the Union. Scotland voted to remain as did Northern Ireland, yet Northern Ireland does not want to see the break up, whereas the Scottish National Party can’t wait to do exactly that.

Withdrawal Agreement negotiations has also turned into a farce. No one can agree whether to have a hard Brexit, a soft Brexit and the majority of Parliamentarians in Westminster don’t want to leave at all.

With the Parliamentary numbers not stacking up, reservations relating to the Irish Backstop and after 3 attempts to pass the Withdrawal Bill, our Parliamentarians have failed to carry out the Will of the People.

Mrs May, Prime Minister resigned. The People are waiting for Brexit. And the EU is waiting for Brexit.

How in the World did we get to this?

It seems that our leaders are not able to accommodate collaboration; it’s always either A or B. Never compromise.

The Future

Yet technology will make our World smaller and more transparent. Big political and financial decisions that adversely affect individuals or which only pander to the minority will not be tolerated.

We cannot bury our heads in the sand and just think that everything will be the same forever. It will not.

So, whomever becomes our next Prime Minister, be it Jeremy Hunt or Boris Johnson, please do not make the same mistakes…


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