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This is the first time I’ve ever written a piece like this, and i hope it goes down well.

I’ve been watching the Black Lives Matter campaign since it started, and wondering why even this, for all good intent cause still more division.

It seems to me that all lives matter, that everyone in every country should have the same rights to life. When we focus on a particular topic to the conclusion of all else it seems counter productive.

And then I got to thinking.

Our world thrives on division because it gives people a cause. Tory against Labour pits the wealthy against the poor, and so it goes on… and the Press love it, especially when they get to choose sides!

Of course, we all argue about which option is best, but the underlying truth must be equal for everyone, shouldn’t it?

So how do we stamp out racism, or bigotry, or ageism, or sexism and every other discriminatory and inflammatory statement and deed?

Clearly we need to get rid of the likes of Trump, who clearly doesn’t know whay day it is… but then what?

Is it right that people should be against people because of the divisions others want to keep in place, because it suits their purpose. Really?

If Ideas-Shared can give me a platform to say what I hope are wise words, then how do we, the people make it better for ourselves, without destroying or killing everything we actually believe in?

Yep, it’s a crazy world, and I for one don’t like it.



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Very wise words

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4/ 5

Hi Harry, astute words indeed. I like your thinking!

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