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When Covid-19 is over, and it will be; what next?

Do we go back to normal?

Do we wait for someone else to tell us what the ‘new’ normal is going to be.

Or do we take control of our thoughts and actions to put in place our strategies to help us get to where we want to go?

There will be ongoing struggles across many industries. Jobs will be lost, and incomes drastically reduced. The burden of debt has increased substantially across the economy globally, and we will all be paying for this event for years to come.

Across special interest groups, charities, schools, and clubs of all persuasions, challenges will continue, and there will be all manner of hurdles to jump.

Given many of us are still in lock down, now is the time to think about what our future holds. Start to think about what tomorrow will be.

What do we want to achieve?

What change would we like to effect?

How can we make improvements where they are needed?

Covid-19 has made our lives uncertain; however, we do know what we believe in and what motivates us. We know where there are challenges, and we know where our deepest interests lie.

So why not use Ideas-Shared to share your ideas and thoughts with the people you currently know and those you don’t?

Make plans for tomorrow; identify the help you need and ask for that help. Let’s see what we can build together.

Ideas-Shared enables collaboration, and you can have it working for you 24/7 in just a few minutes.

Membership is completely free forever, and we give you five free listings to share five ideas and thoughts that you feel are important. Use your listings for the next 365 days to turn your ideas and dreams into real value and benefit. Do it for yourself, family, friends, the community, a club, charity, school, or business.

Click here to start now.


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  • What are you trying to achieve (select your goals)?:Change perception, Enable progress, Implement change, Improve decision making, Improve quality of life, Reduce risk

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5/ 5

What a great idea to enable collaboration at every level. I hope Ideas-Shared get the recognition it deserves.

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