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Political Solution for All

Your political vision holds immense potential to shape our collective future. Here, you’ll be crafting your ambition statement and outlining your desired outcome. For example:

”My goal is to rally our community to address traffic challenges. This exercise invites collaboration to devise solutions, aiming for safer roads and smoother commutes.”

Transition to sharing your story, knowing that your genuine goals can find support and realisation through collaboration within our diverse community.

Note that this listing is for illustrative purposes only, if you have a genuine ambition or goal, join us, share it, then make it happen with people you know and those you’ve yet to meet.

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Our Story
Sharing your story lies at the heart of your ambition and activity, and it's here that you can tell it. Say as much about your political solution as you need.

Once you've shared your story, complete the remainder of this activity listing. the codoification section below is optional, then select an 'activity type'. Depending on the activity type, some additional questions will be shown. Complete these, then select one or more 'desired outcomes from the list'.

Important information to help other people and organisations decide to help you is shown in the Important Information section. Be sure to share (1) what you need to progress the activity, (2) some reasons why you may think it important for others to help, and (3) options that visitors to your listing can do today, to help achieve the goal.

You can finish up this section by writing a short paragraph on what you want interested parties to do next, but before you move on to complete the rest of the listing form, add the URL for your group.
Continue completing the form by providing supporting relevant information, then click the 'Preview Pages' button at the bottom of the page.

This listing is your gateway to having other individuals and organisations assist you in achieving your ambitions. For those that come forward to help you, invite them to your group, then discuss, and agree on how best to proceed. Use your collective skills and experience alongside those of the wider population where necessary to reach your goals. Do this as often as you want, and let's make a difference together.


Listing Priority
Priority is Important & Urgent
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Global Reach
Listing Impact
Very High Impact
Listing Status
In Progress
Desired Outcome
Campaign, Debate, Evaluate
What We Need To Progress
Publicity & Public Support, Mass Participation & Action, Feedback & Evaluation
Reasons To Get Involved
Achieve Mutual Goal, Improve Society, Increase Quality of Life
Your Options
Like or Dislike Listing, Share Listing, Sign Up, Add as Favourite, Donate, Invite Others


Crowthorne, Bracknell Forest, England, United Kingdom

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  3. Collaborate: If requested join our Group. Here you can discuss things further with us, help us plan tasks, and progress the initiative through to benefits realisation.
  4. Offer Expertise: Whether you’re an individual subject matter expert, or organisation and possess relevant insight,  your input can significantly help us, so don’t delay, get in touch with us soonest and let’s see what happens.
  5. Provide Feedback: Constructive feedback fuels our progress and helps us refine our approach, and achieve better outcomes. You can also rate our listing below.

Remember that together, we can ALL make a meaningful difference. If you’re not yet a member, consider joining us in shaping a brighter future for our community and beyond.