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An Election Result Misnomer?

Is There Really A Labour Mandate?

Our goal is to ensure that the United Kingdom Government offers fair representation of the wishes of the people of our once great nation.

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When you analyse the 2024 UK Election, there was a turnout of around 60%, of which the Labour Party achieved roughly 34% of the public vote. Recalculate the numbers, and you'll find that with our Parliamentary first past the post model, the Labour Party only actually attained circa 20% of the popular vote. Only 1 in 5.

With this in mind, does, or will the labour party represent the wishes of the people?

Perhaps there is another model, one where everyone comes together, beyond political divides to overcome the challenges of modern day Britain, or is this simply inconceivable?

Does modern day politics work in Britain?

Time will tell whether Labour can make the difference or whether they have another hidden agenda, that people are unaware of.

Is it time for Proportional Representation in the UK, or is there another solution that'll be better for all concerned?
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To prompt debate and action, to ensure that politically, the best decisions are made for everyone.
By getting involved, and having your say, you become part of the solution. Together we can do so much more.
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Equality, Feel-good, Inclusion, Influence, Introspection, Justice, Prosperity

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Want to help rebuild our great Nation, then come and get involved and have your say.

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10 Downing Street, 10, Downing Street, Westminster, Millbank, London, Greater London, England, SW1A 2AA, United Kingdom

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Bob Thompson

Member since 3 years ago
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