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The End of the Conservative Party

Probably Not...

In a world that is fractured and polarised, Ideas-Shared offers a way for people to come together and progress ones' ideas and thoughts. If you’re one of the many 6.8 million Conservatives looking for a way to rebuild the Party, then consider using our agnostic platform to help you.

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One might think that the 2024 Election is the end of the Conservative Party, especially as it lost 251 seats, and nearly half of its supporters nationwide. However, that's not likely going to happen, not with a national vote share of 23.7 per cent.
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Community Development

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We aim to bring people together to help create political resilience, effectiveness, and efficiency throughout the UK, for all our sakes.
Bring your ideas, frustrations, problems and more to the table, and find the answers you need to move on.
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Development, Engagement, Inclusion, Influence, Opportunity, Purpose

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Looking for a platform to create a better future? Then sign up and make things happen.

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Conservative Party, 74, Westmount Road, Eltham Park, Well Hall, Royal Borough of Greenwich, London, Greater London, England, SE9 1JE, United Kingdom

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Bob Thompson

Member since 3 years ago
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