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This is my opinion on what the Top 10 Ideas to help change and improve our world are.

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We live in a world that’s bursting with information and technical innovation, and as we go into 2023, here is my Top 10 Bucket List of Ideas for Planet Earth!

#1: End Conflict Globally – probably something we all aspire to, and all suffer the consequences of, and pay for directly, or indirectly. So let’s ensure global institutions and those responsible can overcome their lust for such wasteful practices.

#2: End Monetary Discrimination – very high on the list, we need to change the way we think about money, and how it can enhance competition, rather than stifle it, or keep it as a preserve of the few. Without changing the way we create and use money, the world will continue on as it is, and billions of people will continue to suffer needlessly, for the benefit of a small minority.

#3: Humanity Overcomes Apathy – it’s easy to turn one’s back on the vast array of bureaucracy, discrimination, and inefficiency that plagues us all. One day, people everywhere will wake up and use the many channels available to instigate real change and improvement throughout society.

#4: End Human Polarisation – being entrenched in a position limits our perspective. Only by taking a grandstand look at what’s really going on, and making informed decisions that take a broader view can we ever hope to progress. At the end of the day, we’re all just people who want to live our lives as best we can.

#5: Roll-Out Process Efficiency and Remove Bureaucracy – most countries, organisations, and businesses don’t use technology in the right way, they are developed piecemeal, are often not fit for purpose, and are poorly implemented. This is illogical and create excessive waste.

#6: Write-off Debt – Debt is controlling, and stifles innovation. We need to reformat debt so that people can live in hope, not misery.

#7: Improve Work-Life Balance: Work should be meaningful, well-led, efficient, useful, and beneficial to everyone. it is a means to an end, not an end in itself. People everywhere need to have a better quality of life, that is not slavery, or mundane.

#8: Healthcare for All – this is a basic human right, and the world needs to invest in having the right healthcare available at the point of need everywhere. Obvious really.

#9: Save our Planet – we need to invest in ways that keep our planet, and the environment safe, and not squander natural resources. As part of this, we need to stop hiding in the virtual world and start protecting the natural one.

#10: Infrastructure for All – everyone man, woman, and child needs to live in security, with adequate, shelter, food, water, and opportunity to prosper. We need to figure out how all services needed by mankind are delivered, and that people are suitably compensated. Oh and here are a couple of bonus items just for luck:

#11: Deliver on Your Promises – BREXIT is a classic example of over-promising (or lying) and then not delivering on anything. The lack of trust in politics is palpable and based on good reason, and clearly, punishment never fits the crime.

#12: Go Beyond a Data Economy – Data is a big thing, but it needs to be used properly and not simply re-packaged in multiple ways. Data is but one of the pillars needed to be successful, the others being people, process, and strategy.

Well, that’s my Top 10, (or should I say Top 12) Bucket List for 2023, and it’s more than enough for anyone to think about as we head into the celebrations! Maybe you have a similar list? If so, let’s figure out how we can make it all happen!

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