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Union fury as Rishi Sunak unveils anti-strike laws for ‘minimum service levels’

Legislation will allow bosses of key public services to sue unions and sack employees who refuse to work

Here's a snippet from The Guardian (full link below):

Rishi Sunak’s new anti-strike legislation to enforce “minimum service levels” in key public sectors including the NHS and schools has drawn a furious reaction from unions as the prime minister scrambles to get a grip on industrial disputes.

The law, which the government plans to introduce in the coming weeks, will allow bosses in health, education, fire, ambulance, rail and nuclear commissioning to sue unions and sack employees if minimum levels are not met.

However, government sources said that plans in the original bill, drawn up by the former business secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg – for tougher thresholds for industrial action to take place – would be dropped amid concerns over possible legal action.

Keir Starmer said he would repeal the anti-trade union legislation if Labour formed the next government, setting out clear dividing lines with the Conservatives on workers’ rights in the run-up to the next general election.

Sharon Graham, the general secretary of the Unite union, said: “Yet again, Rishi Sunak abdicates his responsibility as a leader. Whatever the latest scheme the government comes up with to attack us, unions will continue to defend workers.”


Let's not forget that Strike Action hurts people, and it's not good for the economy. Moreover, excessive use of striking can destroy an Industry. Remember the Miners?

Strikes are a reaction to adverse events such as a change in working conditions, or unsatisfactory terms, or insufficient pay. We also need to understand that the way public money is managed is inefficient, as it relies on tax revenue and government borrowing.

Rather than complain about the effect of the way Public Money is created and managed, maybe we need to change our thinking completely, in which case the reason for striking goes away.

We have to be smart, but we also need to be vocal, because unless we are, things are never going to change, or improve.

Remember, the amount of money in circulation, in our pockets, and available to spend represents only 5% of the actual money available (give or take)... but the electronic money that the Banks use to speculate dwarfs what is needed to fund public services.

People need to come together and be the change needed, otherwise, these uncaring greedy people will forever make our lives a misery. It's your choice!

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To create awareness and change.
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Different perspectives, and an end to the need to strike... yes really!

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Different Thinking, Direct Action, Political Will

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because unless there is a real clamour no one is going to do anything.
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imagine what would happen if Public Sector funding was on par with the Private Sector?
Next Steps For Interested Parties
We need to educate ourselves as to what's really going on (see attached document), and we need options on the table. Then we need to move on...

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Palace of Westminster, London, UK

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