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Fix Shambolic HMRC Performance

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is charged with the collection of taxes from individuals and businesses within the United Kingdom.

However, it is in a dire mess as the attached report shows...

Headline issues include:

  • ‘Tax gap’ running at 5.1% of annual liabilities; £42 billion total in unpaid tax
  • Unacceptable customer service levels unlikely to improve quickly
  • Low aspirations as HMRC aims to recover only a quarter of fraud losses in Covid support like furlough

How in the world can a major Government Department get into such as mess, and how in the world is it going to be fixed?


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Because this is unacceptable.
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A glowing Report perhaps...

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Different Thinking, Investment, Public Awareness

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Quite clearly, these Departments are inept at managing anything, perhaps our Tax rules are too complex, systems inadequate, staff ill-equipped, and poorly paid.
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Pride in our Country maybe?
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Put your ideas forward and let's see if together we can help...

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100 Parliament Street, London, UK

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