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Steven Bartlett

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Steven Bartlett Launches Now £100M Fund

***New Just In***

"Today I’m (Steven Bartlett), announcing the launch of The Flight Story Fund – a fund backed purely by Europe’s greatest and most successful Entrepreneurs – with the aim of investing in the next wave of great European founders!

Having been both a founder and investor myself, I know that the best investors are those that have walked the path you want to walk and have built companies themselves! So I spent the last 2 years rounding up the “the avengers” - Europe’s most successful entrepreneurs and we’ve come together under a new fund called Flight Story Fund, to support the next wave of great European entrepreneurs.

Currently, just 8% of European VC’s have worked in a start-up and just 4% have worked in tech! Our fund is backed purely by successful founders who have the experience, expertise, and network that fledgling entrepreneurs need to succeed.

My goal is to make this the best performing venture capital fund in Europe over the coming years and we’ll continue to add more of the most successful European founders – as investors - to our Fund as we go.

If you’re a founder looking for capital and you want the support of Europe’s best entrepreneurs – this is the fund for you! If you know someone who may be looking for backing from our fund, please do tag them below!

I’m especially keen for our fund to support great under-represented founders, who statistically don’t have equal access to capital and expertise.

Get in touch!"

So what are you waiting for, this could be the solution you've been looking for!

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