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Winter of Discontent 1

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I remember the 70’s. I was growing up at the time and saw the anxious looks between my parents. Strike action, blackouts, redundancies, high inflation, high interest rates, and yes, we used candles to see by from 4pm every afternoon! Now history is repeating itself. The world is not learning its lessons. Leaders come and go, and they make the same mistakes, or fail to solve the old ones. The difference today, is that we have the Internet, and we have the potential to connect with anyone, and to influence like never before. It’s true, the world has still not recovered from Covid-19, we have Russia doing the unthinkable in Ukraine, and China is postulating around Taiwan. All the while, ordinary people are being killed, and suffer, as if we are unimportant. Of course, we are important to our families, and work colleagues, but as far as the world of politics and finance is concerned, we are little more than sheep to follow whatever policy is put in place. Quite frankly, that’s no longer reasonable, or acceptable, especially given the ridiculous, and dangerous outcomes stemming from the Brexit and Trump era. So what do we do now? Mmm! We’re all emotional, and hopping mad… and there’s no getting away from it… we all need to juggle 4 levels of activity to benefit ourselves and others. These levels are of course:

  1. Ourselves, to keep us safe, warm, fed, and solvent
  2. Other people and communities
  3. Organisations and businesses
  4. Systemic areas of society and the environment (i.e. policy, finance, politics, law, etc.)

For most of us, our focus is on the first three levels, but now it seems we need to get far more involved in the last level as well! It’s worth reminding ourselves too, that whatever it is that we want to achieve across these 4 levels, our success will come down to the following:

  1. Our understanding of the issues, and clarity on what we want to achieve
  2. Our ability to share our story with others
  3. Other peoples’ ability to see or hear what we want (by overcoming negativity, a well as the noise of the internet, marketing, incessant advertising etc.)
  4. Our individual and collective ability to see value in each other, and to come together to achieve something, be it change or improvement across any level
  5. Our willingness to work out what the next steps needed are to ensure e can deliver the benefit
  6. Our ability to follow through with everything and ‘do’ what is needed
  7. To not give up until we achieve our goals

Yet, one might imagine, that in this modern age of ours, what we really want is instantaneous results, for free, and we want other people to do everything for us, too… But real life isn’t like that at all… And without a structured way to fight your way through everything, achieving our goals can be difficult, especially when so many things are seemingly stacked against us. That’s why we created Ideas-Shared. To help bring the people of the world together, to do what’s needed, regardless of where our individual focus lies. Some of you will get it, some of you won’t, and that’s fine… but we’re giving it a go, and we hope you’ll come along and contribute, in whatever way you choose! We don’t want any more Winters’ of Discontent, we want Russia out of Ukraine, we want peace throughout the World, and we want real, sustainable opportunity for everyone, and our planet, in a way where individual Leaders and States do not run amok. This isn’t about ideology, outdated politics, or even coaching… this is humans talking to humans to make the world a better place. What can be nobler than that? So please, before you click off the page, have a real think about what it is that you can do for yourself, and for others, help us, and let us all help each other! Thank you for reading.


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We'd like to invite people to join us on Ideas-Shared. Individuals over 16 and groups can join. join to post your listings, come and ask for help, get help, and achieve those goals you've been hiding away!
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Success is helping other people achieve success. That's what drives us.

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Activists, Anyone, Businesses, C Suite, Celebrities, Charities, Community Leaders, Entrepreneurs, General Public, Home Business Owners, Influencers, Investors & Angels, Local Authorities, Men, Mums & Dads, Press, Volunteers, Women, Young People
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Direct Action, Public Awareness, Public Support

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Why Consider Helping
We're offering you the chance to share and develop your ideas, overcome your frustrations, fix problems, and more. Why not get involved?
What's In It For Those That Get Involved
The opportunity to achieve your goals, be happier, be less frustrated, earn more! In fact, the sky's the limit.
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Interested? Have a look around and then sign up. We're looking forward to welcoming you to the members' area!

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Crowthorne, Bracknell Forest, England, United Kingdom

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