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French Strikers

Help Overcome Civil Unrest

Why Is This The Only Option?

Whether in France, or elsewhere in the world, economies are in turmoil, and the only recourse is to strike.

So why is this?

Hundreds of thousands of people have taken part in street demonstrations across France as transport, schools, and refineries were hit by significant industrial action against Emmanuel Macron’s unpopular plans to raise the retirement age by two years to 64, (and I think it's even higher in the UK)!

As always, Police made arrests on the edges of the march in central Paris amid clashes with officers in the early afternoon.

Paris police said 15 people were arrested before the Paris march and 15 during it, because of issues like the carrying of illegal weapons or throwing projectiles.

Shopkeepers around the Place de la République boarded up windows and shopfronts after the authorities warned of a possibility of vandalism after the marches or black bloc-style tactics.

Local and regional train services across France ground almost to a standstill, and public transport in cities such as Paris was very disrupted according to transport operators.

Many primary schools closed for the day. Authorities estimated that 40% of primary teachers and more than 30% of secondary teachers went on strike.

Public service radio and television were also disrupted, and some theatres and museums closed. Some refinery shipments were blocked and energy output lowered.

You'd think in 2023, that everyone would get their act together and fix the issues that people are struggling with.

People throughout the world are not endless resources to be taxed, or taken advantage of by having to work extended periods, for example.

If the monetary system isn't working, then change it, but do it with the consent of the people.

The damage caused by strikes is unnecessary. It's time everyone in Society started working together to fix the issues, rather than continuously propping up ailing systems that are long past their sell-by date.

Desired Outcomes

What Are You Trying To Achieve
Because things need to change.
Success Criteria
Less need to strike, and better ways of managing the economy.

Requirements Needed To Progress

Preferred Participants
Activists, Anyone, General Public, Politicians, Press
Type of Help Needed
Different Thinking, Direct Action, Political Change, Political Will

Considerations & Next Steps

Why Consider Helping
To drive the changes and improvements our world needs.
What's In It For Those That Get Involved
Less stress, a lot less trouble, and less being taken advantage of.
Next Steps For Interested Parties
Want to find solutions to this and similar challenges? Then sign up and your ideas and thoughts.

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Paris, France

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