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Sovereign Money

Introducing Sovereign Money

Yes or No?

Sovereign Money is a reform to the banking system that would remove the ability of banks to create money, in the form of bank deposits, when they make loans. It would transfer the ability to create new money exclusively to the state, creating what we have termed a ‘sovereign money’ system.

It is based on the proposals outlined in Modernising Money (2013) by Andrew Jackson and Ben Dyson, which in turn builds on the work of Irving Fisher in the 1930s, James Robertson and Joseph Huber in Creating New Money (2000).

Why do This?

Taking the power to create money out of the hands of banks would end the instability and boom-and-bust cycles that are caused when banks create too much money in a short period of time. It would also ensure that banks could be allowed to fail without bailouts from taxpayers. It would ensure that newly created money is spent into the real economy, so that it can reduce the overall debt burden of the public, rather than being lent into existence as happens currently.

Want to be more informed?

Then check out the attached Free Report entitled Sovereign Money.

Desired Outcomes

What Are You Trying To Achieve
because we all need to be aware of how money is currently created, who benefits and whether there are better alternatives.
Success Criteria
Success is giving more people awareness of Sovereign Money and the potential it offers.

Requirements Needed To Progress

Preferred Participants
Type of Help Needed
Different Thinking, Direct Action, Mindset Change, Political Will

Considerations & Next Steps

Why Consider Helping
Learn more and become informed, then use your perspective for the betterment of everyone.
What's In It For Those That Get Involved
To be determined, but potentially quite substantive.
Next Steps For Interested Parties
Read the attached, discuss with your peers, and with relevant parties, and drive any changes as needed, or not.

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Wall Street, New York, NY, USA

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In Progress
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Important but Not Urgent

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