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Many Happy Memories

A Wonderful Country!

How do we create more innovation in Canada so that it can compete on the World Stage and provide its people with a comparative standard of living?

Is this really an issue, and if so, what can we individually and collectively do about it?


Desired Outcomes

What Are You Trying To Achieve
Many years ago, I lived in Alberta. For more than 18 months I explored this beautiful country, and the people are great too! We're here to help, and this listing provides an entry point for interested parties to get involved in the discussion, and move it on.
Success Criteria
Improvement in innovation and growth from economic innovation.

Requirements Needed To Progress

Preferred Participants
Anyone, Businesses, C Suite, Customers & Clients, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, General Public, Graduates, Professionals
Type of Help Needed
Professional Services, Public Awareness, Public Support

Considerations & Next Steps

Why Consider Helping
There are more than 30 million people over the age of 16 in Canada. Imagine the possibilities should many of those choose to share their ideas and thoughts? Of course, we can all sit by and think someone else is going to make it happen, but there's a big risk in thinking like this. So, reduce the risk, by getting involved and see where it goes.
What's In It For Those That Get Involved
Anything you want.
Next Steps For Interested Parties
Come and get involved in the debate. If you wish ask to take control of the listing.

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Ottawa, Eastern Ontario, Ontario, Canada

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