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African Union1

Stop! War Must End

Here we go again!

Seems to be a recurring theme here!

The chairman of the African Union Commission, Musa Faki Mahamat, has called for an "immediate and unconditional" ceasefire in Ethiopia following the upsurge in violence in the troubled Tigray region, and urged both the government and the forces of the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) to open a direct negotiation channel to end nearly two years of fighting that has caused a humanitarian catastrophe.

Why does it take a call from the AUC to make this happen?

My ambition is for people to have the power to stop all such instances of struggle, and that we all put in place, the infrastructure, to create economic opportunity for people everywhere.


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Africa is a beautiful continent, and we need to preserve it and help its people prosper.
Success Criteria
A big pile of AK47s and more war. Economic growth and prosperity, tourism too.

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Different Thinking, Direct Action, Political Change, Political Will

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Why Consider Helping
It's in all our interests to make the world a better place, no matter how far it may be from our own back yard.
What's In It For Those That Get Involved
Nothing at all.
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Tigray, Ethiopia

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In Progress
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