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Ideas-Shared Journey

Show You How To Share Your Ambitions Using Listings

Realising Ambitions

This Listing is an example of how to share and socialise your ambition, and put it on the Ideas-Shared map, and invite other members and the general public to have a look, and if appropriate, get their help.

There are 18 everyday activity listing types from developing ideas, overcoming frustrations, and fixing problems. The full list can be found here.


Desired Outcomes

What Are You Trying To Achieve
This Activity Listing shows how easy it is to share your your ambitions and goals with the wider world. Say just enough to get people excited and interested, invite your friends, neighbours or colleagues, or let the general public find it and respond accordingly. just one form allows you to post 18 different activity types, 40+ outcomes, and a host of other detail. With the information to hand, it literally takes just a couple of minutes to post an activity listing for your ambition. You can sign up as yourself, on on behalf of any organisation, then post listings like this, invite others to help you in Groups, and then plan and execute agreed tasks that deliver the outcomes you want.
Success Criteria
Here you write about the success criteria you're looking for, and how things would look once you have realised your ambition. This is the future state, an aspiration that could be fairly easy to achieve, or as improbable as it could be. it doesn't matter how difficult or easy the journey might be, this is all about documenting a better future for yourself, other groups, the environment, the planet, even a Moon Base! below here you can select from a number of radio boxes who you're aiming to see your listings as well as the type of help you want, from a broad range!

Requirements Needed To Progress

Preferred Participants
Activists, Anyone, Businesses, C Suite, Community Leaders, Engineers, Governments, Graduates, Home Owners, Industry, Influencers, Institutions, Investors & Angels, Politicians, Students, Suppliers, Trades, Unemployed, Volunteers, Women, Work Colleagues, Young People
Type of Help Needed
Accountancy Services, Advice & Guidance, Charitable Help, Coaching, Customers & Clients, Different Thinking, Direct Action, Family Support, Income, Investment, Legal Help, List Syndication, Mindset Change, Moral Support, Plan Development, Policy Change, Political Will, Press Coverage, Proof, Public Awareness, Public Relations, Public Support, Security, Shelter, Signups, Strike Action, Testimonials, Trades

Considerations & Next Steps

Ability or Desire to Pay (for Help)
Why Consider Helping
Again, this section allows you to explore why other people, groups, organisations, businesses, charities, and governments should engage. This can be as narrow or as broad as you want.
What's In It For Those That Get Involved
Here you can be a little more explicit about what people who help stand to gain. It could be something or nothing. Just be truthful. Further down you can different financial metrics, e.g. price bands, funding requirements, estimated costs and a valuation of value and benefits in UKP. Below that you can even add Event timings!
Next Steps For Interested Parties
You're nearly at the end of an Activity Listing that is hugely comprehensive, and which can be used across 19 different activity types, that deliver 40+ desired outcomes. This is an amazing eco-system that with scale and global collaboration has the potential to do so much. Everything is explained in great detail, and it's something that anyone looking to achieve more should seriously consider using. Interested? Then sign up and give it a go today!

Location or Impact of Ambition

Belize City, Belize

Other Information

Ambition Status
In Progress
Ambition Priority
Important & Urgent
Confidentiality Agreement


Estimated Cost to Deliver in UKP
> £10K
Estimated Listing Benefit in UKP
Actual £ Benefits Achieved to Date


Event Timings

Event Start Date
December 15, 2027
Event End Date
July 24, 2028
Event Start Time
11:30 AM
Event End Time
08:00 PM
All Day Event

Business Hours/Availability

Business Hours/Availability

Open Now/Availabile

Open 24/7/Always Available


You can add any number of pre-emptive questions here.

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