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Universal Credit

Universal Credit Applications for Partner Claimants

Right or Wrong?

For anyone, being unemployed is a wrench. For those people who worked hard and have been higher rate taxpayers, able to allow spouses and partners to not work, i.e. to instead look after children, applying for Universal Credit is a kick in the teeth.

For a start, those in relationships cannot apply for Universal Credit in their own name, the spouse or partner needs to do the same.

After many years of not working, suddenly being forced into work is no picnic. Some may say, why isn't this agreeable, is it?

When I was last made redundant, I was in this self-same situation, and I choose to not claim for exactly this reason.

Personally, I think these rules are unreasonable and should be changed.

What do you think?

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In the past, I was made redundant and went to claim Universal Credit. Subsequently found out about this. This Policy is not logical for some parts of society and it is counter-productive, and needs changing.
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Common sense to prevail so that people like me should be allowed to claim as individuals.

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Activists, Anyone, General Public, Governments, Influencers, Job Seekers, Local Authorities, Politicians, Press, Unemployed
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Direct Action, Political Change, Press Coverage, Public Awareness, Public Support

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Interested in this topic? Then come and get involved in the conversation.

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Department for Work and Pensions, Tothill Street, Westminster, Millbank, City of Westminster, London, Greater London, England, SW1H 9NA, United Kingdom

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