The Ideas-Shared Market

The ‘human thought’ market globally is completely fragmented into hundreds of thousand of pieces and it doesn’t matter where you live, you will have unresolved problems and ideas unfulfilled. These can be localised issues or systemic issues that plague whole countries, even the whole World itself.

Getting help, getting transparency of the real issues, getting others to take your concerns seriously, finding investment for great ideas, taking action, changing and improving performance and much, much more are things that we all struggle with.

This is the market that Ideas-Shared operates in and this is why we built Ideas-Shared, a unique listing directory of human thought in every guise.

Ideas-Shared was created to offer everyone the chance to have their say and progress your thoughts into action with people who have the same desires and motivation as you, through planning and leveraged activity.

  • On Ideas-Shared you can of course share your ideas.
  • You can also blast your frustrations and dismay, outline problems, ask questions, write compelling articles and offer your solutions.
  • On Ideas-Shared you can ask for help and work with those who answer your call.

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Global Population...

In March 2018, there were approximately 7.5 billion people living on our planet.

World Unemployment...

Global unemployment is around 7%.

World Debt...

Global debt in the first quarter of 2018 hit $247 trillion.

Internet Access...

Just over 4 billion people have access to the Internet.

Workplace Satisfaction...

According to Gallup, 85% of employees are emotionally disconnected with their work, whilst 23% are actively disengaged.

Access to Water...

13% of the World’s population does not have access to improved drinking water.


As of 2010, 925 million people were under-nourished.

World Average Salary...

Global median salary is $10,000 per annum.


Just nine of the world’s richest men have more combined wealth than the poorest 4 billion people.