Open Letter From The Founders

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Friend

We invite you to take a moment and reflect…

Technology is a wonderful thing, we can use Automation to make life easier for ourselves, (although there is a trade-off in terms of the jobs society may lose); then there’s this whole Artificial Intelligence (AI) thing that everyone is raving about and rushing to create, (although we need to be careful about what we want AI to ‘create’ for us, especially as this might erode both the human ability to think for itself, or it will perpetuate the consumption of nonsense); and let’s not forget about Cryptocurrency or new Digital Banking/Government currencies that are being developed (and which may be used to limit or control consumer spending or action in the future)…

With all of these wonderful inventions, we cannot forget that the wider world is politically, and monetarily broken. You see, ordinary people like us are disconnected, angry, don’t have a voice, and seem to be here only to pay for, or live with the ambitions, folly, greed, mistakes, and dangerous politics of others. Society advantages the few, whilst the rest follow, with little redress, continually suffering, and even dying.

Technology such as Automation, AI, and Cryptocurrency isn’t going to fix the mess that the world is in, no matter how many others will swear blind that this is the case, and NONE of it will be able to pull your ambitions out of your head, and into some form of action with like-minded people.

It’s quite clear, the world isn’t going to change, rather things may become progressively worse for ordinary people… and the knock-on effect might well be unthinkable.

That’s why we feel everyone needs to understand what’s really going on and be able to contribute to the broader debate. The best way to do that is for Individuals, Businesses, Non-Profits/NGOs, and Governments to share and develop their ideas and thoughts, and to collaborate intelligently with any other party to overcome frustrations, fix problems, and deliver on our individual, and collective ambitions right across the spectrum of society, so that future generations can benefit, like never before.

That my friend is the reason why Ideas-Shared exists…

We are an innovative ‘activity-led’ social network created for use by any individual or group to identify, share, and deliver personal, business, and society-focused change and improvement initiatives.

As for you, well you can be an individual, or an official or unofficial group of 5 to 1000 users who represent any organisation, including non-profits/NGOs, businesses, and even government departments, who:

  • Expect and want better
  • Want to find specific help, support, and leverage
  • Will take action if the opportunity arose
  • Understand the real power of collaboration
  • Want to be part of a unique global community
  • Are willing to share ideas, and ask for help
  • Wants to connect with like-minded people
  • Are looking for a unique way to achieve their goals
  • Have ambition, focus, and discipline
  • Want to roll up your sleeves and get things done

It’s for people who want a more meaningful life, as well as an interesting, and value-added online experience, not the same old artificially induced ‘stuff’ we are so often served, (and that’s why you won’t find any ads on our platform)…

You see at the end of the day, the more of us there are that share our ideas and thoughts, find solutions, and take the necessary steps to progress any topic, the more we’ll be able to achieve together.

So if you really want to realise your ambitions, or achieve specific goals, then take a closer look at Ideas-Shared today.

Thanks for looking, and best wishes,

Ivar Ingimarsson & Bob Thompson, Founders

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