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Personal Uses…

Yes for Ideas-SharedOffer free help

Yes for Ideas-SharedPromote great solutions

Yes for Ideas-SharedMake some money

Yes for Ideas-SharedDevelop your reputation


Community Uses…

Yes for Ideas-SharedFund projects

Yes for Ideas-SharedPromote offers

Yes for Ideas-SharedCreate community spirit

Yes for Ideas-SharedBuild a market


School Uses…

Yes for Ideas-SharedCreate funding

Yes for Ideas-SharedBuild local brand

Yes for Ideas-SharedSupport teaching

Yes for Ideas-SharedOffer specialist services


Club Uses…

Yes for Ideas-SharedEarn extra cash

Yes for Ideas-SharedDevelop membership

Yes for Ideas-SharedOffer complimentary goods

Yes for Ideas-SharedAdvertise yourself

Charity Uses…

Yes for Ideas-SharedFund projects

Yes for Ideas-SharedImprove cash flow

Yes for Ideas-SharedSell brand awareness

Yes for Ideas-SharedCreate reserves


Special Interest Group Uses…

Yes for Ideas-SharedFund lifestyles

Yes for Ideas-SharedPromote specialist material

Yes for Ideas-SharedSell knowledge

Yes for Ideas-SharedCreate a market


Business Uses…

Yes for Ideas-SharedOffer value

Yes for Ideas-SharedPromote products and services

Yes for Ideas-SharedCreate a market

Yes for Ideas-SharedBuild loyalty

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