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Yes for Ideas-SharedLeaders and advocates for personal, community and business change and improvement become aware of our platform and come take a look.

Yes for Ideas-Shared

Impressed by the level of detail and potential offered, future members choose to get started by downloading the ‘Magic of Change & Improvement eBook’ – or by choosing to take advantage of our free trial.

Yes for Ideas-Shared

Our visitors and new members choose to identify, any number of local to global personal, community and business challenges, and change and improvement thoughts bubbling around in their head and post them on Ideas-Shared.

Yes for Ideas-Shared

They come to understand that posting such listings offers them the potential to realise value and benefit from specific collaboration opportunities with other members, in open and closed projects hosted by our platform.

Yes for Ideas-Shared Understanding moves to action as our members follow our 3 Step Process, 41 page User Guide, Skills Training and foundation thinking offered in the ‘Magic of Change & Improvement eBook. The rest as they say is history.

Designed for Getting Results

This is how Ideas-Shared gets results. We combine your ideas and thoughts using our ‘3 Step Process’ and ‘Life Skills Training’ to convert listings into actionable strategies and benefits:

Yes for Ideas-Shared

People choose to want to make a difference and join Ideas-Shared

Yes for Ideas-Shared

Members follow our 3 Step Process

Yes for Ideas-Shared Incorporating life-skills when required

3 Step Process

Yes for Ideas-SharedStep 1: Decide what you want to achieve, either for yourself or others

Yes for Ideas-SharedStep 2: Use our platform to list your activities, ensuring you ask for the specific help you need

Yes for Ideas-SharedStep 3: Use our platform to agree and complete tasks with old friends and new

Life-Skills Training

Members take advantage of our training material:

To enhance listings:

Yes for Ideas-SharedUsing Elevator Pitches

To enhance collaboration and so increase ability to achieve project goals:

Yes for Ideas-SharedPurpose & Choice

Yes for Ideas-SharedPlanning & Preparation

Yes for Ideas-SharedManaging Hope

Yes for Ideas-SharedThinking v Feeling

Yes for Ideas-SharedCycle of Belief

Yes for Ideas-SharedUnderstanding Dramas

Yes for Ideas-SharedCoaching & Feedback

Yes for Ideas-SharedWholeheartedness

Yes for Ideas-SharedManaging Difficult Conversations

Yes for Ideas-SharedListening Skills

Yes for Ideas-SharedDelegation