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It’s never been easier to follow your passions and lay out your ideas on every conceivable topic. Ideas-Shared is a change and improvement platform that helps you be seen so your inventiveness can be harnessed just when it’s needed.


With Ideas-Shared, you are in control! You decide how best to position yourself as a preeminent innovation expert.



Put your ideas into orbit and let a global audience give you the support and resources you need to progress. On Ideas-Shared you let the World know what it is that you need to make your ideas come alive. Let your personality shine through as you invite success into your life.

Find and qualify offers of help without wasting time or paying for expensive market research!


With your friends signed-up and resources in the bag, it’s time to put the Plan into action. You can manage any number of ideation projects on Ideas-Shared. Simply plug in your agreed activities, divide the work and keep on top with documents, email and chat.

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Ideas-Shared gives you a platform to develop ideas for yourself, for the community, for business and for the environment. All you need is the aspiration to achieve and the motivation to deliver.

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