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Affiliate Program

Why join?

How often do you get the chance to fundamentally help every adult, in every country of the world, achieve their most precious goals?

We’re not talking about promoting eBooks, funnels, SEO, blogging, MLM… we’re talking about helping people come together, get value and benefit from converting their ideas and thoughts into tangible results!

With more than 4 billion people online, (and with at least 900 million people globally leading unfulfilling lives (Gallup)…); with COVID-19, the economy at a standstill, mass confusion, and… and… and… people are looking for ways to move on..

People want to make a difference, people want change and improvement, they want to get noticed, they want help, they want to develop their ideas and thoughts, they want to collaborate in projects, locally and globally to change and improve the lives of all they care for, including their family, friends, communities, clubs, charities, churches, business, special interest groups and of course, themselves…

Now you can help them do just that, by introducing them to I-S and our amazing social network/collaboration hub.

What you get?

This is what you get when you join the Ideas-Shared Affiliate Program:

  • The opportunity to help hundreds of people make a difference, quite possibly people you know;
  • 2 Tier program offering 50% total commissions;
  • Lifetime referrals;
  • Payments via PayPal;
  • Low minimum payment only £50;
  • Social, email and banner marketing collateral;
  • Analytics;
  • Invite and view your Tier 2 affiliates;
  • Change affiliate URLs;
  • Link to your favorite pages
  • And more…


Why wait, join today… (we highly encourage you to join I-S to see what you are offering people)…!