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Ideas-Shared is a powerful social networking application

It comprises the I-S App itself, the I-S (Dream Team Builder) Methodology, which together enables I-S Campaigns.

Members use the App, follow our methodology, and create ‘responsible use’ campaigns designed to bring about some level of change and improvement, through productive collaboration. The process converts all manner of ideas and thoughts into tangible results and benefits. Learn more about the team behind Ideas-Shared.

Progress is determined by popularity. Where there is sufficient popularity for an I-S Campaign, then you stand the chance of exponential leverage, locally and globally.

Members are guided through the process of setting up I-S Campaigns, asking for help, developing relationships, and converting ideas and thoughts into the desired results.


Feature-rich, with a members’ area, and comprehensive dashboard, Ideas-Shared allows you to syndicate and monetize your listings.  Full documentation is available too; describing how it works, including information on our 6 Refill Pack options.

Quick overview

>>> Multi-Purpose – Because every idea and thought is important

>>> All in one Solution – Manage everything from a single place

>>> Easy to use – Start to create value immediately

>>> 3 Step Process – Easy to remember process flows

>>> Full Instructions Provided – Help is provided every step of the way.

>>> For every adult – No one is left behind

>>> No entry requirements – just sign up and get started

>>> Free lifetime membership – no membership fees ever

>>> Exceptional value – cheapest way possible to get what you want

>>> Use only when needed – no obligation to use

>>> For ages 18 to 100+ – all you need is a computer

>>> Set up in 10 minutes – it really is that fast

>>> Share ideas and thoughts – ask for the specific help you need

>>> Enable change – use social leverage with friends old and new

. Enable improvement – enhance your World with people you like

>>> 7 primary categories – resolving important and urgent goals

>>> 103 topical categories – for all your interests and motivations

>>> 1475 keywords – helping others find your appropriate content

>>> Includes open and closed projects – to agree and complete tasks

>>> A full suite of tools – designed to help you succeed

Want to see the Ideas-Shared solution in action?

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