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All the features you need, and more

Share ideas. Build teams. Get results


Attraction Lobbying

>>> Attraction based profile

>>> 360 degree views

>>> Block and report functionality

>>> Set up in 10 minutes or less

>>> Showcase your interests

Image of Member Profile Page


Unique Marketplace

>>> Search members by name, address and interest area

>>> Easily find and view friends

>>> See who’s online

>>> Full 360 views and drill throughs

Image of Members List page


Create Collaborations

>>> Create a growing network of friends globally

>>> Easy invite process

>>> Rate your friends

>>> Invite your friends to your closed projects

>>> Easily keep in touch via in-mail, global and private chat

Image of Member Friends page


Activity based

>>> Add your listing in minutes

>>> 7 primary categories – ideas, rants, problems, articles, questions, solutions and jobs

>>> 103 secondary categories supporting all types of niches

>>> 1475 listing features for highly granular searching

>>> Add video, FAQ’s, detailed content, needs and wants

Image of Add Listing page


Task Orientated

>>> Create open and closed Projects

>>> Set up at time of listing

>>> Create and manage tasks

>>> Email and chat

Image of Project page

Text, Voice & Video Chat


>>> Build great teams

>>> Stay in contact

>>> Get things done

>>> Create friendships from afar

Image of Chat page


Appropriate Kudos

>>> Undertake 5 Star Rating of friends by Professionalism, Trustworthiness, Reliability and Friendliness

>>> Undertake 5 Star Rating of listings by Relevance to me, Importance to me, Global impact, (My) Willingness to help

>>> Takes minutes to complete

>>> Promote your friends and favourite listings and give them more exposure

>>> Easily keep in touch via in-mail, global and private chat

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Building Momentum

>>> Support your listings

>>> Set up in 5 minutes or less

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I-S features have been specifically developed to provide collective successes, for as many of our members as possible. That’s our mission!

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