I-S Campaign Pricing and Refill Packs

We understand that times are tough, many people have lost incomes, revenue is down, and we are all experiencing the dramatic effects of COVID-19.

But, this also gives us hope that we can build a better future for tomorrow. COVID-19 will pass one day, and normality will return for many. ‘Today’ is always the best day to take control of your life, regardless of current circumstances.

Taking advantage of the I-S Community, the I-S App, our I-S Optimisation Model, and I-S Campaigns won’t cost you anywhere near the £25,000 it cost us to build, nor do you need to put in 1,500 hours of sweat equity to get the same experience.

The retail price for a Directory listing (i.e. similar to I-S Campaigns but without our functionality and methodology); ranges from $29 to $499 per year, averaging at $100 per year each. As we are looking to help as many people as possible, and don’t have high overheads, we can offer you fantastic terms.

An I-S Campaign (listing) is priced at just £7 per year each (or 2 per month each on a pay as you go basis).

Full Price List

  • Pay As You Go — £2 per month for 1 (one) I-S Campaign
  • Iron Pack — £7 per year for 1 (one) I-S Campaign
  • Bronze Pack — £21 per year for 3 (three) I-S Campaigns
  • Silver Pack — £35 per year for 5 (five) I-S Campaigns
  • Gold Pack — £49 per year for 7 (seven) I-S Campaigns
  • Platinum Pack — £70 per year for 10 (ten) I-S Campaigns
  • Diamond Pack — £105 per year for 15 (fifteen) I-S Campaigns


I-S Campaign ROI

I-S Campaigns are designed to help you make a difference, wherever you want. They are designed to get you the help and exposure you need. An I-S Campaign is an investment in your future, whether you choose to use it for yourself, the community, a church, club, school, business, special interest group, to save the environment, or indeed anything else. They are designed to change and improve a part of the world.

As such I-S Campaigns are precious and not to be wasted on spamming, gossip, or spin, as an example. They can and should be monetized. How you monetize your campaign will be dependent on the category and ultimate strategy.

  • Idea Campaigns – convert your idea into new products and services that you charge for
  • Rant Campaigns – get money back, warn others
  • Problem Campaigns – fix issues, reduce long term costs
  • Article Campaigns – share valuable information, build a following, promote your own services
  • Question Campaigns – get valuable information to mitigate risk, or contribute to your ongoing benefit
  • Solution Campaigns – promote free and paid offers that get you noticed, point these to sales pages 
  • Job Campaigns – broaden your search for work, free or paid


Special Offer

The great news is, you can join the I-S Community for no money down, and get a free lifetime membership, with unrestricted access to the growing I-S Community as well as the I-S App, the I-S Optimisation Model too!

In addition, members that join today will receive a free Bronze Pack with 3 complimentary Campaigns worth on average $300 (or $100 each); which offers a huge saving of 90% or $90 on average per listing Directory post, (taking exchange rates into account).

£7 per I-S Campaign listing is less than the price of a cup of coffee per day for a week, excluding any buns and treats you might choose to buy!

Are you ready to take your I-S experience to the next level?