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Personal lifetime membership of Ideas-Shared gives you access to the I-S App and I-S (Dream Team Builder) Optimisation Model. Create I-S Campaigns, with listings and projects to develop ideas, overcome frustrations, fix problems, share information, get answers to difficult quests, promote solutions, as well as find or offer paid and voluntary work. Do it with anyone, for anyone or anything you care for.

Use our solution to share ideas, build teams, and get results that benefit yourself, family, friends, special interest groups, communities, not for profit organizations, and businesses too. You benefit everything you care for by sharing ideas, building teams, and getting results.

Along the way, you may identify and reach personal goals and ambitions, e.g. the pursuit of happiness, wealth, freedom, peace, joy, balance, fulfillment, confidence, and compassion.

At the end of the day, you choose what you want your I-S Campaigns to achieve, with whom and by when. Then go make it happen!

Use our solution to initiate activities on behalf of anyone:

>>> Do it for yourself, always be true to your ideas and thoughts

>>> Think about your family and friends, as it’s most important to help those you love

>>> Support special interest groups, because it’s good to help those that think like you

>>> Help Communities, as besides your immediate family, they can help you too

>>> Include Not for Profit organizations, it’s important to help those that cannot help themselves

>>> Support Businesses, because you never know when an opportunity opens up

Global Ideas-Shared Listings

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Achieve goals

Achieve lifetime important ambitions or urgent tasks.

Reduce stress

Get the help you need to succeed and move onto the next challenge.

Be happy

Focus on enjoying life knowing that everything is inhand.

Create any number of idea and thought related I-S Campaigns across a hundred topical areas

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Climate Change


Conflict & War

Food & Drink


Job Hunting

Money & Debt

Money Making

Natural Disasters

Quality of Life

Social Media