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Campaigns That Benefit Individuals

Your ideas and thoughts

Help yourself and others

One single membership enables any individual, including yourself, family members or friends to post an activity on Ideas-Shared

Identify and turn your important and urgent ideas and thoughts into activities and amazing results

Manage listings and related projects from an intuitive interface

Build, create or do something using Idea Listings and Projects

Ease frustrations or warn others using Rant Listings and Projects

Fix problems using Problem Listings and Projects

Share knowledge through Article Listings and Projects

Get answers using Question Listings and Projects

Market bespoke solutions using Solution Listings and Projects

Offer or undertake any-purpose jobs using Job Listings and Projects

The individual activity of one man with backbone will do more than a thousand men with a mere wishbone

– William J. H. Boetcker

Your Result

Save time

Boost productivity

Managing all of your individual (and other) activity can be time-consuming and inefficient (if not impossible); without the proper tools. Ideas-Shared helps you manage your database of ideas, thoughts, listings and projects effectively and send personalized messages to the right people so that you can have greater impact across all of your activities.

Achieve your goals


An engaged member base of friends, old and new; helps you achieve your goals. Turn visitors and members into active helpers and let them contribute to any activity. Use chat, inmail and tasks across open and closed projects (when utilized); to lead and develop appropriate listings through to a successful conclusion.

I-S empowers individuals >>> helps people support you as you support others in their activities