What Are The Benefits

If you were to describe our world to an alien, then depending on your current thinking, environment, and viewpoint the following word groupings could be used:

Negative Words

Blame, procrastination, negativity, inefficiency, anxiety, opinionated, inequitable, inequality, poor, destitute, illness, lazy, fighting, discrimination, destruction, sadness, boring, victim, opposition, etc.

Positive Words

Amazing, hopeful, joyous, relaxing, beautiful, opportunity, visionary, happiness, togetherness, effective, fair, etc.

For most, we live in a world where the negative always outnumbers the positive, but what has all this got to do with the benefits associated with Ideas-Shared membership?



The things we experience are a direct consequence of our own and other peoples’ actions. We live in a world of finite choices, and limited resources. whether by design or by nature.

At every level, at home, in the community, at work, throughout society, there are challenges. If we feel powerless to help, we do the minimum, we care less than we are able to, we turn our back, and look inward. But if we are empowered, we can do more, be more fulfilled, and lots more besides.

That is the choice in front of you, in front of everyone.

Ideas-Shared Benefits

The benefits you glean from Ideas-Shared are the benefits you strive for personally, for the community, for business, your club, charity, and anything and everything else you set out to achieve.

Each of our Place, Idea & Thought, and Event Listings, along with our entire methodology is designed to help you make a difference whenever, and wherever you choose. These are the true benefits associated with your membership.

So what do you want to achieve, what benefits do you want to experience. Join us, and we’ll help you identify those, and then share those so that other people can help you.

At the end of the day, only we can truly determine what we want to achieve in life. If you’re prepared to find out, or you know already, then great, let Ideas-Shared facilitate your journey.