Ideas-Shared is a powerful social platform for individuals, communities and businesses to effect change and improvement. The platform incorporates a powerful 6-in-1 listing directory of ideas, problems, articles, questions, solutions and blast activity that enables members to seed future collaboration opportunities.

Ideas-Shared lets you put the issues on the table as you see it and let’s you ask for the help you need.

It is unlike any other social platform, designed to bring you together with people from all walks of life >>> just ask and let the people who you wouldn’t normally associate or collaborate with help you >>> from overcoming problems to developing ideas – the foundations of change and improvement!

On Ideas-Shared:

  • When we have problems or challenges we undertake activities as a concerned party.
  • When we have ideas or think about wanting to achieve something we undertake activities as an innovation expert.
  • When we want to solve a problem, help someone or sell something we undertake activities as a solution provider.


On Ideas-Shared you can be all of the above many times over at the same time!

We have simplified complex human interaction and support through these labels and through our listings which seed collaboration, change and improvement.

This process begins when one member shares their feelings, e.g. adds a blast listing (or activity) about any topic; or posts a problem listing or posts an idea listing to our community, in the hope that the specific help they seek is provided and ultimately, the desired outcome is achieved.

Of course, when only a handful of people join to share their feelings, overcome problems or develop and implement ideas our opportunities are limited as are the potential resources available.

But >>> when hundreds of people, indeed thousands, if not millions of people from every country engage to change and to improve, then so our collective ability to influence and deliver grows exponentially.

It is amazing…

…and this is the secret and the power of Ideas-Shared.

Our global social platform is designed to showcase our feelings, problems and ideas in a highly focused way, then to illicit support to benefit the causes we believe in.

We do this initially through 6 categorised listings, where each is a specific activity with a defined purpose:


  • Ideas (develop a thing, achievement, process or abstract idea)
  • Problems (requires identification, creative, action, more information to resolve)
  • Solutions (free, time saving, money saving, money making, life enhancing, life saving, educational)
  • Blasts (considered, fair, attention bringer, in the moment, last straw to warn)
  • Articles (case study, report, opinion, inspirational, investigative, fact based, fiction to educate)
  • Questions (Yes/No, 5 W’s, factual, convergent, evaluative, combination, survey to find out)


These listing activities combine to highlight issues, offer advice and gain clarity to ultimately solve problems and of course, develop ideas.

Our social platform is unlike anything you may have come across before, so why not give it a try because if you don’t, you may never experience the change and improvement you desire…