What Is Intelligent Collaboration

Alongside our Platform, and the Methodology (including the 7-Step Process), Intelligent Collaboration is the ‘internal mechanism’ people use. But what exactly is Intelligent Collaboration?

First off, it has nothing to do with computers, or AI, or robotics as some may lead you to believe.

Rather Intelligent Collaboration on Ideas-Shared is both the desire by people to achieve alongside a collection of personal traits that enable delivery ~ both of which are needed to empower disparate individuals and groups to:

  • Join forces
  • Take action together to change and improve something
  • Increase their chances of success

Those involved will most likely display some or all of the following qualities:

  • Are friendly, enjoy life, and can have fun in each other’s company
  • Want the best out of every situation
  • Have high ideals
  • Have the same or similar goals
  • Don’t get lost in emotional issues
  • Can engage with anyone
  • Can listen to advice, make decisions, and stand by them until they change
  • Use curiosity, and intuition to guide them
  • Understand process
  • Can dive into the detail as well as the strategy
  • Don’t compromise on quality
  • Communicate in an open an honest way
  • Trust and respect each other
  • Do things with eyes wide open
  • Are in harmony and in control of their mind and body
  • Have clarity of thought and able to look at all the facts
  • Plan necessary tasks to achieve goals
  • Don’t give up and able to keep going in difficult circumstances
  • Don’t get lost in petty politics or bureaucracy
  • Don’t waste time
  • Don’t hide behind rank, or privilege
  • Don’t get others to do what they themselves should be doing
  • Don’t ever blame

It’s a blend that delivers proven results…

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