As a concerned party, you can use Ideas-Shared in a number of ways, for example:

  • Add a Blast listing as a way of warning others about poor performance or use it to state your disbelief, incomprehensibility or annoyance about a particular state of affairs. Note that if other members have already posted a like-minded listing you can rate this and/or react to other comments and/or engage with these members.
  • In lieu of a Blast, or in combination, create a Problem Listing to expand on the issue and actively take steps to overcome the problem and find the help you need.
  • Add a Q & A listing as a way of asking our general membership for clarity, guidance or fact on a particular issue. If another Q & A listing that meets your need, you can rate this and/or react to other comments and/or engage with these members.
  • Add an Article to provide further clarity on a topic or if such already exists engage with that listing and/or member.


You always have the power to offer our members your Ideas and Solutions to those issues which are concerning you.


  • Add an Idea listing and ask for the help you need to overcome the issues or engage with members who have already initiated such an activity, you can also rate these and react accordingly.
  • Add a Solution listing to our members for free or paid services and products.