What’s Best: Opine, Argue or Do?

We all what we want, and we want it now, usually!

COVID-19 has seen the best, and sometimes the worst of humanity. It seems that a few months lockdown has created feral individuals, who can seem to control themselves, once some freedoms have been reinstated.

So it is with how we conduct our relationships, from developing ideas, overcoming frustrations and problems, dealing with problems and the like.

The human fight or flight mechanism is deeply instilled within the human brain, and highly potent. This leads us to do and say things that in many instances are counterproductive to what we’re trying to achieve.

Ideas-Shared is only as powerful as the strategies we seek to implement as we look to change and improve things, at home, in the community, and across the world.

We live in a society where opinion seems to count for more than logic and fact. Spin and marketing add yet more fuel to already volatile attitudes and beliefs.

Of course, we can follow the political doctrine and resort to argument and shouting… though personally, this is not something that I subscribe to.

Finally, there’s the act of doing. On Ideas-Shared we don’t simply opine or argue, we do. We work out what we need, we plan and we act.

We’re sick and tired of the nonsense that our world continually spews out; we’re sick of political argument that takes us nowhere. We’re sick of millions of people sharing through neglect and war. We’re sick of the like of Trump blustering his way through history.

Whether you choose to use Ideas-Shared to enhance your world Personally, in the Community, or across Business, we simply ask that you do so responsibly. Not that’s a great legacy for everyone.

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