Who Is Ideas-Shared For?

On Ideas-Shared you are a very important someone, regardless of how you may have been ‘segmented’ or ‘segregated’ or ‘tagged’ before. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man, or woman, young person, rich, or poor. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a Degree or you left school without any qualifications.

What matters is that you use your voice and your deeds to help not only yourself but also the things you care about too. This can be self-centered, community-focused, business orientated, or anything and everything in between. It doesn’t stop.

The last time we looked, people need help, and they also help others. This is the natural course of things. As such, we ALL play out one, or all of these roles every day of the week >>> these roles are VICTIM, HERO, and VILLAIN – by this, we don’t necessarily mean the criminal type!

Stuff happens to all of us, and if it’s negative we become victims. We don’t have to stay victims, we can change our mindset, and/or do something about it. If we do something about it, or we find help, we become or invite hero’s to help us. Then there are the villains… well, these can be circumstances, existing rules, even people, and lots more besides – who knowingly or unwittingly cause us pain and trouble.


So… we live in a society where we have created many glass ceilings. Society chooses to operate in certain ways, depending on which country you live in, and people are generally encouraged to split out into tribes. This dividing and conquering is a really neat way to deflect attention, and so have opposing thoughts, and ideologies focus on differences, rather than align to overcome the really big issues!

On Ideas-Shared, we help people who are victims, heroes, and villains. We do this by giving every member an equal voice, and an opportunity to post place, idea & thought, and event listings. We empower our members to join in or create Forum discussions, as well as Groups so that you and those with similar thoughts can come to discuss, and agree on what things should be like tomorrow. Crucially though, we help you turn those into tangible outcomes, value, and benefit.



So, the million-dollar question… is Ideas-Shared for you?

Well, the obvious answer is ‘YES‘ – Ideas-Shared is for you, just as it is for everyone on the planet. But, and it’s a BIG BUT, Ideas-Shared is only for you if you want to make a difference in the world, and are willing to put your head above the parapet, and do something about whatever it is that you want to do something about.

We created a truly global capability for us to overcome our differences, to have rational conversations, and to work for the greater good. Here’s how it works.



At the end of the day, none of us know what tomorrow brings. But on Ideas-Shared, you have the chance to say what’s on your mind, come together with like-minded people, and reach for your goals. If this sounds like something you want to learn more about and get involved with, then click the link below to start:

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