The World is at a critical juncture and many of us simply do not have individual leverage to change and improve that which matters most to us, from global to local we are powerless to help.

But not any more!

Ideas-Shared is a unique social platform for change and improvement that goes way beyond that which most people engage in and experience online today.

Just £1 per listing per month (extend for as long as you need); is all it will cost to initiate change and improvement wherever and whenever you want it.

Moreover, by charging £1 per listing we can get rid of all those annoying adverts – (we believe that stuffing a site full of ads just detracts from the overall performance). Of course, offering ‘ads’ can be lucrative but our priority is to ensure all of our members have an enjoyable experience that is solely focused on the task at hand, especially given the importance and potential that change and improvement brings.

Yes, it costs a lot of money to develop and run a site such as Ideas-Shared and funding it from a low cost subscription, as it stands today is the fairest way to go.

All listing package purchases are covered by our 30 Day Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee.