How It All Began!

It was several years ago now, and I, Ivar Ingimarsson, had a deep desire to create an ‘ideas’ website, but literally had no idea how to proceed. I remember it well:

“I wasn’t a web developer; I was a sports person and I became very frustrated not knowing who to turn to or what to do. For months I pondered how I could take my idea forward and several times I nearly abandoned everything. I felt as if no one could help. Then, one day everything changed when I least expected it. I remember it as if it was yesterday. I was standing outside of the Infant School my son went to, and for no apparent reason, I started talking to one of the other parents. His name was Bob Thompson.”

Ivar Ingimarsson playing football
Ivar Ingimarsson
Bob Thompson in blues
Bob Thompson

Bob remembers:

“Now unknown to both of us, our boys were in the same Class, and I had an interest in web development, business, and helping people. It seemed we drifted by each other every day without even knowing we had common interests. It wasn’t long before that first 10-minute chat turned into an hour conversation and then everything fell into place. That was when we decided to build an online ‘ideas’ platform.”

Challenges We All Face

Ideas and thought management in themselves are hugely difficult and complex for everyone. Note that the high-level process of converting a fleeting idea, or thought into a tangible outcome comprises a minimum of 4 stages. It starts with sifting through all ideas and thoughts to identify the ones you really want to pursue; followed by sharing those with others and asking for relevant help; then getting the help and building teams of people who will do whatever activity is required; followed by agreeing and undertaking whatever tasks are necessary to achieve the relevant outcome, that one wanted in the first place. These steps need doing before any benefit can be enjoyed.

It’s the basic process that all of us need to go through. Now add into the mix human variables such as the type of idea or thought, situation, context, scale, rationale, impact, understanding, discipline, choice, urgency, finite resources, changing priorities, availability of funding, and the haphazard or random nature of life, that all need to be considered and taken into account and we’ve not even touched on the politics or bureaucracy that society often imposes.

There’s no doubt, the original idea to build an ideas website that Ivar wanted to pursue, was a noble, worthwhile activity that would prove to be highly challenging as we converted this one idea from a brief conversation, into something that could impact millions of people at some point in the future.

You Can Repeat Their Success

Although we met at a school in England, both Ivar and Bob come from different countries, have different careers, and never knew each other before that fateful day. One short conversation is all that it took, to prove that sharing ideas works. This is an indisputable and undeniable fact. It proves the concept of Ideas-Shared beyond any shadow of a doubt.

What we’ve done since at Ideas-Shared, is build on that experience to create an online, repeatable process that anyone can use to share their own ideas and thoughts with people, AND then by following our methodology, and by using our tools, turn those into whatever value and benefit is desired, just as we did.

We’ve done it, we are living proof, and now you can follow us and do it too when you sign up to Ideas-Shared!

So Why Ideas-Shared?

As alluded to earlier, sharing ideas and thoughts is one thing, but being able to actually take them and turn them into tangible benefits and value is something entirely different, and in some cases completely off the scale. Not only did we share the idea, but we also took the relevant steps needed to create a world-class virtual solution that anyone can use.

We go into exceptional detail to show you exactly how to get the results you desire. Our unique ‘Dream Team Builder Optimisation Model‘ is the foundation of all we do, and it is complemented by the functionality on our Platform which you can access in the member area.

Click here to discover more about our idea-sharing solution. We explain in great detail our thinking and methodology, how we simplify the complex nature, so you have confidence in our Platform, to believe what is possible, and to show you that you really can hang your hat and hopes on Ideas-Shared.

We leave nothing to chance, we show you the exact steps you need to take, no more and no less. That’s because these steps are logical and they work. If they didn’t we simply wouldn’t have created Ideas-Shared in the way that we did. Click here to continue