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We Help Individuals (16+) & Entities Realise Ambitions & Deliver Value Using the Power of Collective Action

Discover the ‘Platform of Dreams’ – a unique new ambition realisation platform, simply called Ideas-Shared that’s designed to help you achieve your personal, professional, and societal ambitions and goals.

Learn more about Ideas-Shared, and how it helps you identify, progress, and deliver your desired outcomes using a brand-new paradigm of local and global collaboration. Be part of a unique new ‘One World Initiative‘ designed to bring humanity closer together to overcome adversity, and take advantage of opportunities.

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I am Bob & I Help You Realise Ambitions & Goals… USING COLLECTIVE ACTION!

Just an intro for those of you who don’t know me.

I am a husband of 30 years, dad to two grown up boys, MCIPS qualified, veteran, and co-founder of Ideas Shared, who comes from a little village called Crowthorne, in Berkshire, England.

I look like any other person, but actually I help people and organisations struggling to realise their ambitions and goals by engaging with a simple 7 Step Process, an online Platform and Collaborative Methodology. I have been told that I have the ability to join the dots when none are available, as well as being somewhat eccentric. I like to think I am a little bit of both (aren’t we all?)

Personally, I like to live in a world where things are done right, there’s no waste and inefficiency, there’s real equality, and idiots stop invading countries and ruining lives everywhere.

Hanging around with me can cause some serious side effects like not taking no for an answer, enjoying life, doing things you really want, and of course, changing and improving the stuff that we know really needs attention.

Now you get to grab all my secrets, methodology, and tech to make a difference, somewhere…

Bob Thompson

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