About the Ideas-Shared Platform

We operate in the social networking industry, and personal development niche, and support activities that cover the spectrum of personal, social, business, political, and environmental wants and needs

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Our Purpose:

To help our members lead an inspired life, doing the things they enjoy, helping others, being helped, and creating value from their ideas, and thoughts.

How We Do It:

We provide our members with an idea-sharing platform and methodology that includes a social network, idea and thought listings, and project management functionality along with training, and a 7 Step process to deliver desired outcomes.

What We Do:

We empower our members to identify, and share their ideas and thoughts, to ask for help, get help, and then turn everyday personal, community, and business situations into desired outcomes with the people they know, and those they’ve yet to meet.

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Enlightened Philosophy

Enlightened self-interest is a way to create good for self and good for all at the same time.” Embrace enlightened self-interest… let Ideas-Shared facilitate the achievement of your goals using our unique platform and methodology.

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Engagement supports and develops a broad array of skills that include thought leadership, confidence, focus, communication, opportunity development, career, vision, purpose, happiness, productivity, mindset, motivation, and goal setting.

Not a course, Ideas-Shared offers members a real-world social network, activity listings, and project functionality to identify goals, ask for help, get help, and then jointly develop and execute plans to change and improve our world with the people you know, and those you’ve yet to meet.

More About Us

Our company

Creating an environment where people can inspire, and be inspired is at the heart of all things Ideas Shared

Our solution

Helping you achieve individual and collective goals to either remove pain, and/or gain pleasure dependent on the type of activity deployed

Our priorities

We believe that everyone should have the ability to lead an inspired life, finding purpose, doing the things that they enjoy

Our members

Our members are ordinary people aged from 16 to 75+ — with hopes and dreams, committed to making the world a better place in their own special way

“We believe everyone has the right to have their voices heard… to enjoy the opportunity that life on earth should bring… to live without fear, or discrimination… and to share ideas for the betterment of all!”