Ideas-Shared is a premium ‘Social Platform for Change and Improvement’ that enables motivated individuals, communities and businesses to come together to develop ideas, resolve problems and more with like-minded entities.

As a concerned party, innovation expert and solution provider add your listings to Ideas-Shared, ask for help, then take action with people who care as deeply as you!

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Our Vision

Managing our feelings, asking questions, overcoming problems and developing ideas throughout society and across the World is one of the most difficult activities anyone can undertake in modern life – and that’s no surprise, given the very nature of the way people, business, organisations and government interact and treat each other.

With more than 4.1 billion people using the Internet all of whom have very different feelings, information and multiple problems to solve and life to navigate – that’s billions of feelings, questions, problems and ideas that relate to degrees of politics, finance, the environment, work, and daily home life often going nowhere – it’s staggering, with everyone suffering from some level of uncertainty (be it jobs, finances, debt, retirement, diet or health issues etc.) and inconvenience (through stressful 3rd party poor or non-performance) on a daily basis.

We have the where-with-all to bring people, information, desire and motivation together to focus on, leverage and overcome the real issues at hand and drive for solutions through collective action – and with so much talent sitting under-utilised there has to be a better way…

At Ideas-Shared, we are on a mission to make the process of harnessing our individual and collective thoughts then converting those into idea development and problem solving activities easier for those that really care, and our exclusive solution offers billions of people the chance to be open, say it as they feel on issues big and small – and let solution providers and innovators help them progress.

Ideas-Shared is 100% committed to helping everyone voice their true feelings and concerns, ask questions then create the conditions to solve all manner of local and global challenges through collaborative action – making problem solving easier and efficient for everyone like never before.

If you think the same and want to make a real difference then come and join Ideas-Shared. Become a part of a global family that chooses to share their feelings, ask questions, share information, overcome problems, develop ideas and offer solutions in a completely unique way, making the difference in an indifferent world that isn’t sustainable.

Concerned Parties

Find, search, fix, vent, warn, resolve…

Innovation Experts

Gauge, create, develop, build, solve…

Solution Providers

Promote, sell, deliver…

Our History

Sometimes, strange things happen for a reason and so it was one fine sunny day outside of a small primary school, in the heart of a Berkshire village in England.

Ivar had been thinking about starting an ideas site and out of the blue struck up a conversation with Bob. Now Bob had some experience with website development and so from this casual conversation the plan to create Ideas-Shared was formed.

Our experiences show that anything can be accomplished if one has the desire and willingness to put in a little effort. Today, our idea lets you and millions more create your own ideas shared opportunity.

What will you achieve?

Ivar Ingimarrson

Ivar Ingimarsson

Bob Thompson

Bob Thompson

Our Investors

We are building Ideas-Shared into a global ‘change and improvement’ platform that literally helps millions of people share their innermost feelings, overcome their problems, innovate and implement solutions together. If you would like to help us please contact us.