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About Us

Our Mission

Enabling and empowering small and large teams of dedicated individuals to come together on our platform, developing ideas; overcome problems and frustrations; improving quality of life; sharing knowledge; reducing bias, inequality, bureaucracy and inefficiencies; for themselves, the community, the environment, special interest groups, and business, wherever and whenever it is needed.

Our story

A true story about us… firstly a warm welcome from me, Ivar Ingimarsson and from me, Bob Thompson. Although we have different careers, backgrounds and live in two different countries, namely Iceland and England…

“We believe in a fair and just society where everyone should be able to achieve their goals and aspirations… that’s why we created a platform where you can (1) get the message out (2) get help (3) get the job done!”

This is our story…

It was several years ago now, and I (Ivar) had a deep desire to create an ‘ideas’ website, but I literally had no idea how to proceed. I wasn’t a web developer, I was a sports person and I became very frustrated not knowing who to turn to or what to do. For months I pondered how I could take my idea forward and several times I nearly abandoned everything. I felt as if no one could help…

One sunny day

Then, one day everything changed when I least expected it. I remember it as if it was yesterday. I was standing outside of the Infant School my son went to, and for no apparent reason, I started talking to one of the other parents. His name was Bob.

Now unknown to both of us, our boys were in the same Class and amazingly Bob had an interest in web development and business. It seemed we drifted by each other each day without even knowing we had common ideals. It wasn’t long before that first 10-minute chat turned into an hours conversation and then everything fell into place. That was when we decided to build an ideas platform. That was when we decided to create Ideas-Shared.

Inspired thinking

Our experiences shaped our thinking hugely and we spent hours upon hours discussing how to turn our goal of creating an ideas website into reality. But that wasn’t all…

We needed to ensure our ‘ideas website’ inspired others to take action for whatever purpose they wanted to pursue… through the development of ideas and the conversion of thought into value and benefit.

With that in mind, we looked at how people, schools, clubs, communities, churches and businesses right across the World could engage efficiently, effectively and intuitively to get the desired results.

…and we debated whether to keep our platform solely for ‘ideas’ or to widen it out to help people turn a wider array of thoughts into some kind of value and benefit. We discussed how problems could be solved, solutions offered, frustrations vented and more.

We never gave up

We persevered and after hundreds of hours of work we ended up with the Platform you see today. We made it.

We created a digital solution to help our members identify, plan and deliver all manner of thought related change and improvement activities, wherever and whenever it was needed.

We did it so anyone could benefit personally, we did it for communities throughout the globe,  also for clubs, churches, charities and business too. We did it so anyone could take an idea or a thought and turn it into something of value and benefit.

Now it’s your turn

We believe that when you identify your own ideas and thoughts and ask for the specific help you need to progress, you open yourself up to be helped by anyone. This is the power of human to human relationships.

For us, it’s been a long journey but it’s been worth it and now that Ideas-Shared is live, we hope our story inspires you to take whatever action you find fulfilling…

Are you next?