How Ideas-Shared Works

7 Steps To Glory

It Starts With You

We empower our members to undertake “enlightened self-interest ventures” with anyone.

…and this is how it works:

7 Step Process

Members can post and progress as many of their own activity listings, and support (other member listings) as often as they want for as long as needed, just as long as they remain a member.

Easy to Use Platform

We Facilitate Your Journey

Ideas-Shared facilitates your journey from current situations to preferred outcomes.

We enable you to cut through the waste and inefficiency of our modern world to find and focus on what’s important to you

Ideas-Shared Member Home Page View on Desktop

The above image shows part of the Member Home page

Ideas-Shared is particularly useful when:

On Ideas-Shared, activity listings can be linked to prior posts… here’s an example:

Ideas-Shared is a versatile solution that brings like-minded people together to achieve all manner of results for themselves, communities, businesses, the environment, and lots more besides.

We’ve simplified the complex process of change and improvement, enabling people with similar interests to not just talk about it but to go do it. That is the real value of Ideas-Shared.

Putting It All Together

In addition to technology, and our Dream Team Builder Optimisation Model, we also provide Life-Skills Training, Online Coaching, as well as a comprehensive Member Library. Everything is designed to help you make a difference in the world, locally, globally, with the people you know, and those you’ve yet to meet.

More than 3 years in the making, Ideas-Shared is possibly the most advanced, yet easy-to-use idea-sharing platform on the planet…