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How It Works

The Paradigm Shift

Ideas-Shared is a simple, yet powerful fusion of people, organisations, technology, process, and strategy that’s uniquely available to ALL people over 16 globally, and every type of entity, including community groups, businesses, non-profit organisations, businesses, and government.

Members post unlimited activity listings in support of their personal, community, social, business, environmental, economic, political, financial, and technological causes, ask for help, get help, then plan and execute necessary tasks to deliver desired outcomes, by following our 7 step process:

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The 7 Step Process

Select Trial Account

Select your FREE no-risk Individual, Non-Profit, Community, Business, or Government Trial Account and use it for the next 90 days. Check everything out, then upgrade, or simply walk away.

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Complete Profile

Set up your Account(s) profiles and customise them as needed.

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Step 1. Identify Ambitions & Goals

Determine personal, community, social, business, financial, environmental, economic, and other ambitions, and goals you want to realise for yourself or an entity you represent.

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Step 2. Post Individual Ambitions

Select from 18 activity types that align with your personal ambitions and post your listings. This is how you ask for help and communicate important information to potential collaborators.

Step 2. Post Entity Related Ambitions

Post listings on behalf of community groups, businesses, non-profits, NGOs & government departments to seek support and engage with collaborators.

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Step 3 ~ Syndicate & Advertise

Socialise your ambitions and listings, inviting other Individuals and Entities to join and contribute. Share your listings on social media platforms, invite friends and family, or place posters in local environments.

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Step 4 ~ Build Collaborative Teams

Get help and create teams of like-minded Individuals and Entities with similar ambitions. Select the Team option for ‘Help Required’ when completing the Add Listing Form.

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Step 5 ~ Plan Tasks

Use our Project Planner to plan, add, and track tasks and assign them to Team Members. Collaborate on task planning and execution, both on-site and off-site.

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Step 6 ~ Execute Tasks

List Owners and Team Members execute tasks, measure results, and make necessary adjustments to achieve desired outcomes.

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Step 7 ~ Deliver Outcomes

Celebrate as desired outcomes are achieved and the benefits are realised. Disperse teams and repeat the process with anyone.

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