How It Works

Ideas-Shared empowers you to make a difference, and this is how it works...

Something Happens

You hear, or see, or experience something and it triggers a desire for you to ‘do’ something…

You Decide

You prioritise your urgent, and important activities, and decide you WILL do something about it…

Sign Up & Complete Profile

If you haven’t already, you think that Ideas-Shared will help you, so you sign up, and complete a short profile. Your journey continues…

Identify Your Goals

Firm up the immediate actions you want to take, whether for yourself or for others across a diverse range of topics that include global issues, personal journeys, community development, business improvement, government efficiency, space exploration, and paranormal & unexplained categories!

Create Listings & Groups

Post your thoughts on the Forum to gain clarity, then when you’re ready, create one of 16 difference activity listings, and optionally, a group too!  Tell the world who you’re going to help – (yes, it can be yourself) – ask for the help you want and need to succeed! Within minutes you could be on your way to new adventures or simply use this opportunity to improve your life, and all you care for.

Share Your Listings

Syndicate your listings to social networks, Tweet them, tell your fiends, put a poster up in your local shop or community center! Get the word out however you can and invite the people, help and support into your life, just when you need it the most.

Build Teams

Speak with everyone that comes forward to help you, then decide who you want to accept help from. Create new relationships, build your circle of friends and a network of people that you can turn to in the future, or who can turn to you as needed.

Make it Happen

Plan and execute those tasks that will get you to where you want to go. Of course, every listing will have different needs and outcomes, but when they’re delivered, you should achieve the goals you seek.

Achieve Goals & Repeat

Take a short moment to celebrate your successes and the journey you took to get there. Have a little rest before you start it all again. There are no limits to the amount of activities that you can initiate or participate in.

A True All-Purpose Solution To Use Time & Time Again

The ‘Dream Team Builder Optimisation Model’ is available to you in the members’ area. You can apply it to all manner of situations, from personal, to the community, to business, supporting the environment, in fact, anything you care for. It’s a true all-purpose solution for people to come together, discuss, agree, and execute ‘all manner of activity’ in order to deliver the change, improvement, value, and benefit that you feel is needed.

Ideas-Shared Dream Team Builder Optimisation Model