Here’s A Reassuringly Different Model To Help You Turn Your Ideas & Thoughts Into Value & Benefit With Anyone…

Legally Use This New Optimisation Model” That (Almost) Everyone Else is Unaware Of… Power ‘Change & Improvement Campaigns’ To Benefit Yourself, Individuals, Communities, Organisations, Special Interest Groups, & More…



I-S Solution


Looking at your any part of your life, do you genuinely have ideas and thoughts that you believe could make a difference locally and globally, (e.g. what must you do, what should you do, what could you do in any scenario); which, with the right help from your friends and acquaintances, could turn into something tangible, and benefit either yourself, the people you know, communities, businesses, clubs, schools, churches, special interest groups, in fact, anything you choose to help?

Fantastic, but before we go any further, we need to make sure you understand something.

This is extremely critical. So, please listen in. 

When we say “ideas and thoughts” we’re not talking about anything that suggests irrelevant gossip, unfounded opinion, spam, blame, or other negative or wasteful content (though there is a time and place for some of this).

These are not the kind of ideas and thoughts that can make a difference in the lives of so many people.


These are debilitating and add such little value, even though they are so prevalent across society.

These are NOT the kind of ideas and thoughts that we need to share or spend any time on. Yours on the other hand…


Hey, Ivar Ingimarsson and Bob Thompson here,

If you’re a concerned party (– someone with problems and frustrations), an innovation expert (– someone with great ideas and knowledge), or a solutions provider (– someone with a capability); and you’re looking for a premium solution to help you deliver ‘must do/could do/ should do activities that include solving problems, developing ideas, overcoming frustrations, promoting innovative (free or paid) solutions and lots more besides… where you can ask for and get the help you want, and where everyone is itching to make a difference then “Ideas-Shared” will be the most important ‘solution’ you’ve ever found…

For starters, it certainly unlike any traditional “solution”.

The reasons why are fourfold:

One: This isn’t a solution that you need to wait for weeks (or months) to get a result from.

Everything is available instantly in the member’s area so when you invest today you’ll get instant access to the entire solution (and all the bonuses), instantly.

Two: There’s no fluff or filler. We immediately give you the entire solution, that you can use immediately to collaborate with anyone to share your wants: from developing ideas, overcoming frustrations, fixing and resolving problems, sharing information, building a following, getting answers to your important and urgent questions, promoting your free and paid solutions, as well as finding and offering work… use for whatever you need: meet new people, get the resources you need, ask for help, set up and manage projects… which together has the very real potential to deliver you the results, value, and benefits you desire!

Three: It’s easy. You can be set up and start making a difference, whatever that looks like in less than 10 minutes.

Four: You’ll immediately “get” the entire solution we’re personally using to help us make a difference, whenever we want…

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves just a bit.


Please understand what we’re about to share with you is NOT a post-it and forget or spamming solution or any of that nonsense. Results are based on the popularity of each Campaign plus available leverage (including resources) provided by and generated by yourself and other members. We’re not implying you’ll achieve your goals (or that you do anything for that matter).

Your results will vary and depend on things like (but not limited to) your vision, goals, interests, relationships, work ethic, experience, discipline, motivation, etc.

With all that being said…



For example: 

This solution can (1) help you identify your important and urgent ideas and thoughts, (2) turn your ideas and thoughts into tangible action that delivers the results, and benefits you want… from anywhere in the world… it can help you make the difference, so you can (3) enjoy the benefits.

And that’s why, if you have the desire to share your ideas, get help or be helped, then it’s crucial for you to have a solution to turn your ideas, frustrations, problems and more into tangible action and benefits and results with the people you know, (and those you’ve yet to meet); — regardless of your end goal, your education, what you do, and what you currently have in place to manifest real change and improvement.

But here’s the exciting thing. If you follow a structured process to “make a difference by turning your ideas and thoughts into value and benefit” in order to change and improve something… then… you’ll hold in your hands the key to achieving virtually any goal… benefit… and…

Create any life you want…

That’s why we built our solution — so you can ‘operationalize’ your ideas and thoughts, take action and on completion, enjoy the value and benefit it brings, and that’s why we want to let you know about it today…

I-S Members Area plus Courses and Resources pages


Ideas-Shared benefitsThe I-S Promise! — To give members using I-S, the opportunity to make a difference, and achieve life-time ambitions with other people, converting must do, could do, and should do ideas and thoughts into value and benefit, by changing and improving something in your world!

Ideas-Shared benefitsThe I-S ‘Optimisation Model! — get to know the process and the logic that we’ve uniquely created to turn ideas and thoughts into value and benefit. Build your dream teams today!

Ideas-Shared benefitsThe I-S App! — available with free lifetime membership of Ideas-Shared, the foundation to making a difference — achieving personal, community, and business goals… no matter what help you need or can offer!

Ideas-Shared benefitsThe I-S Community! — add your voice to a growing global, social network of inspired individuals, who want to make a difference, asking for and getting the help needed; saying and doing what’s needed to tackle all manner of local and global issues!

Ideas-Shared benefitsI-S Campaigns! — create any number of idea, rant, problems, article, question, solution, and job campaigns (Campaigns consist of listings & projects); built around your agenda, timescales, partners, and goals… we’ll help you identify and create as many or as few I-S Campaigns as you want!

Ideas-Shared benefitsI-S Profile Page! — your complete 360-degree I-S persona… set up in 10 minutes or less, does everything it needs to help you make a difference!

Ideas-Shared benefitsI-S Campaign Templates! — our unique 7-in-1 Template and mechanism to set up and showcase any number of ideas, rant, problem, article, question, solution, and job listings, in minutes, each with a lifespan of 365 days… what you strive for is limited only by your imagination and desire!

Ideas-Shared benefitsI-S Virtual Projects! — optional open and closed virtual projects for every listing. Fundamental to every I-S Campaign, where teams need to plan and execute tasks… vital to delivering the results you want with like-minded friends!

Ideas-Shared benefitsI-S Campaign Directory! — granular SEO keyword-rich listings by country, 7 primary categories, 4 urgency categories, 103 topical categories, and 1473 feature words… a super way to get your I-S Campaigns out into the world!

Ideas-Shared benefitsI-S Campaign Syndication to post to social networks! — click of the button posting to major networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn for even greater exposure!

Ideas-Shared benefitsI-S Community Video, Voice, and Text Chat! — supports public, private, and group Campaign discussions… never miss an important conversation!

Ideas-Shared benefitsI-S Campaign & Member Leader Board! — get noticed… our unique 5 Star rating helps showcase top 100 members, listings, and listings by the primary category; that’s 900 listings showcased on our Leader Board for higher levels of visibility!

Ideas-Shared benefitsI-S Courses & Resources! — succinct courses and resources to help you succeed with this App while developing your precious life-skills!

Ideas-Shared benefits…and much, MUCH MORE!

In fact, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more inside too…

…Much more in fact, that we don’t have the space to explain it all here.

We truly believe this amazing solution will get your ideas and thoughts visible, help you get the help you need to change and improve any part of your world, and crucially convert your ideas and thoughts into tangible action that drives change and improvement; enabling you to make a difference more than any other single thing you could do, buy, or experience.

But also, because we want TO over-deliver for you as much as possible, we want to send you TWO more special gifts when you claim your lifetime free membership…

We want you to have EVERY advantage in making a difference whenever and wherever you want.

Plus, we want this decision to be a no-brainer for you.

Special Bonus Gift #1 - £67 Value


I-S is a new way for anyone to turn their ideas and thoughts into value and benefit, useful to change and improve anything you choose, with the people you know, and those you’ve yet to meet. I-S helps you make a difference. Period. But where did it come from?

Discover the ‘Dream Team Builder’ Optimisation Model that makes I-S come alive, how it works, and what makes I-S so unique.

Valued at £67, but now yours completely free.

Special Bonus Gift #2 - £49 Value


This will show you the CORRECT way to get set up your Membership and I-S Campaigns, ready to start making a difference!

With The Ideas-Shared User Guide, you get step by step training on the I-S App and I-S Optimisation Model, and be up and running in no time at all.

Everything you need to have your first Campaign posted in just hours!

Valued at £49, but now yours completely free.

Special Bonus Gift #3 - £37 Value

How to Get Amazing Results Using Ideas-Shared – An Eye-Opening Insight From The Creators of I-S

Making a difference in the world is something we all aspire to, but it’s easy to get lost in the today.

COVID-19, Brexit, Trump, PPI Insurance Scams, Recessions, Syria, The Yemen, Wild Fires, Drought… a never-ending stream of frightful events and negative emotion…

No wonder mental health issues are spiraling and millions feel unfulfilled.

However, this little book will show you ten inspirational ways to take back control, so that you can focus on what’s important to you.

Valued at £37, but now yours completely free.

Special Bonus Gift #4 - £47 Value

The Magic of Change & Improvement

Tap into your innermost feelings to create a life of abundant happiness.

However, this little book will show you ten inspirational ways to take back control, so that you can focus on what’s important to you.

Valued at £47, but now yours completely free.

Special Bonus Gift #5 - £97 Value

196 Ways to Make A Difference Using Ideas-Shared

4 examples each of Idea, Rant, Problem, Article, Question, Solution, and Job Campaigns are provided for each of the following 7 focus areas: Personal, Communities, Schools, Clubs, Charities, Special Interest Groups, and Businesses. Grab these examples to fast-start your own change and improvement agenda.

That’s 196 ways that you can make a difference!

What would you like to change and improve?

Valued at £97, but now yours completely free.


As a member of the I-S Community, we share our ‘Dream Team Builder’ Optimisation Model and walk you through step by step, how to set up your I-S Profile, create I-S Campaigns (listings and projects), ask for help, build effective teams, agree and undergo tasks that on completion deliver the results you seek, in a way that empowers you to make a difference.

We share ideas, techniques, and strategies we’re personally using with our own I-S Campaigns – to help ensure your priorities (activities and projects), are as successful as possible in the coming weeks, months, and years.

What “Ideas-Shared” can do for you, and any community, club, special interest group, and more is nothing short of life-changing…

We invested £25,000 and put in 1,500 hours of sweat equity to create a solution that everyone can use to TAKE ACTION and make a difference in the world.

Ideas-Shared, a.k.a. the I-S Community, the I-S App, I-S Optimsation Model (Dream Team Builder), and I-S Campaigns are the exact ones we’ve used (and are still currently using) to help us make a difference, wherever and whenever we choose to get involved.

Truth is, you can’t find this kind of solution and model anywhere else. After all, we created it.

And you won’t have to pay anywhere near the £25,000 it took to build Ideas-Shared or put in 1,500 hours of effort as we did, to experience the same opportunities.

Nor will you need to pay the retail price of a Directory listing which ranges from $29 to $499 per year (and is similar to an I-S Campaign but without all the functionality and methodology). The usual price for an I-S Campaign is £7 per year each, (or if you choose to pay on a ‘pay as you go basis’ the price is just £2 per month).

We understand that together, we can make that difference; and we need to get Ideas-Shared into the hands of as many people as possible — so we’ve have arranged a way for anyone willing to invest in themselves, and the things they care for, and who wants to make a difference can join our community today for no money down.


Ideas-Shared benefitsLifetime membership of the I-S Community with access to all our members, full unrestricted use of the I-S App, and the I-S Optimisation Model so you can make a difference wherever and whenever you want. Create life-changing and life-enhancing I-S Campaigns that have the potential to benefit yourself, your community, a favorite club, a special interest group, even the Planet!

Ideas-Shared benefitsFree Bonus Gift #1: I-S Optimisation Model – discover the ‘Dream Team Builder’ Optimisation Model that makes I-S come alive, how it works, and what makes it so unique!

Ideas-Shared benefitsFree Bonus Gift #2: I-S User Guide – shows how to use all of the key I-S App functionality, so you can start getting Campaigns and the ‘Dream Team Builder’ Model working for you!

Ideas-Shared benefitsFree Bonus Gift #3: How To Get Amazing Results Using Ideas-Shared eBook – discover 10 strategies that you can ‘legally steal’ to help you make a difference today!

Ideas-Shared benefitsFree Bonus Gift #4: The Magic of Change and Improvement eBook – how to tap into your innermost feelings to create a life of abundant happiness!

Ideas-Shared benefitsFree Bonus Gift #5: 196 Ways To Make A Difference Using Ideas-Shared eBook – a huge library of Campaigns that you can use to fast-start your change and improvement agenda!

Why so cheap?

Well, we figure this package – what essentially amounts to a low-risk entry point for anyone who desires to plan and carry out ‘must do, should do and could do’ activities that can make the world a better place – is the perfect way to introduce you to productive collaboration on a truly epic scale.

If you like our solution as much as we think you will, then our sincerest hope is that you’ll want to make a real difference for ages to come.

But of course, that will be totally up to you to decide. In short, we’re confident our work will speak for itself.

That’s why we’re thrilled to invite you to join Ideas-Shared for absolutely no money down.


When you sign up to Ideas-Shared today we’re also going to give you a complimentary Bronze Pack of 3 listings (worth £78). Use these to create 3 any-purpose campaigns.

Today, create any combination of Idea, Rant, Problem, Article, Question, Solution, or Job Campaigns that you believe can make a difference to your own life, the community, business, special interest group, club, church, and more. Imagine, what you could turn these into? What difference could you make when you collaborate with your friends?

There’s no charge for your 3 complimentary listings, they’ll be instantly available after logging in for the first time, plus each listing lasts for 365 days. You can use these any time, and they won’t expire if you haven’t used them within a year of signing up.

6 no-obligation I-S Campaign Refill Pack options are available, starting with the Iron Pack (quantity 1 I-S Campaigns for £7 pay annually or £2 per month on a pay as you go basis); right up to Diamond Pack (quantity 15 I-S Campaigns for £105). Each I-S Campaign is priced at just £7 per year, which is an amazing value and a great opportunity for you to make a difference in the world. Investing £0.23p a day really could make a huge difference to you and all you care for.


IS Guarantee

Try the I-S Community, the I-S App, and I-S Optimisation Model today.

Start using your 3 complimentary I-S Campaigns (listings and projects) and turn them into value-generating activities for up to a year or more each.

You’re either thrilled with your options to make a difference and help your world change and improve, or you decide it’s not for you at this time, then just walk away, you’ve lost nothing and owe nothing. You’ll still have your lifetime free membership to come back to whenever you want.

Need more I-S Campaigns during or after the first 365 days? No problem, just grab one of our six I-S Campaign Refill Pack options.

After your 5 complimentary I-S Campaigns have expired; you still have a full 30 DAYS GUARANTEE on all future Refill Packs purchased. If you decide that you don’t want them anymore, just let us know and we’ll gladly give you 100% of your money back.

Ideas-Shared either gives you everything we promise on this page, or you get your money back AND you get to keep all the bonuses for free. No tricks. No hidden fees. None of that. All yours today for no money down.

So if you’re interested, we only ask that you please act soon.

Click the button below to sign up.

The I-S Community, the I-S App, I-S Optimisation Model, I-S Campaigns, bonuses, and training will be available to you after logging in for the first time – in just a few minutes from now – even if it’s 3:00 AM on a Sunday—immediately after you sign up.

Thank you for reading this message.


Ivar Ingimarrson