The Story So Far…

Like many, we believe in a fair and just society where everyone is able to achieve their desired goals and aspirations, no matter what their circumstances or interests. However, this isn’t always as easy as it looks. With a lack of available resources, no leverage, limited know-how or no help, opportunity can quickly evaporate and turn to frustration and failure.

To overcome this needless waste we created Ideas-Shared, a private members community for every inspired individual, thinker and doer who wants to make a difference. On our platform you build on your positive and negative emotions to identify, plan, ask for help, get help and undertake agreed tasks to achieve your goal with like-minded people.

As soon as you sign up for a free trial, you can use our 3 Step Process to post unlimited activities and run any number of open and closed projects, that on completion will have helped you create, build, fix, explain, vent, share, change and improve anything you’re passionate about.

The sooner you begin, the sooner you can share your thoughts and ideas and start benefiting yourself or any community, school, club, charity, business or special interest group that you care about…

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When To Use Ideas-Shared

Yes for Ideas-Shared You are an inspired ‘thinker and doer’ who wants to change and improve something

Yes for Ideas-Shared You have a specific agenda to follow or simply want to make the World a better place

Yes for Ideas-Shared You want a single focused platform to ‘manage’ all your thoughts and actions

Yes for Ideas-Shared You don’t have the necessary resources or leverage to achieve your goals and you’re looking for help

Yes for Ideas-Shared You have one or more diverse teams situated locally and globally that you want to get the best from

Yes for Ideas-Shared You don’t know how to progress and need specific advice

Yes for Ideas-Shared You want to connect with like-minded people

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Powerful 3 Step Process – Inspiring People to Take Action

Be part of new wave of empowered and inspiring individuals spearheading value and benefit realisation through collaboration using our 3 Step Process:

Step 1. Post your thoughts as activity listings, and ask for the specific type of help you need
Step 2. Find and collaborate with people who have the same ideals as you
Step 3. Identify and complete agreed project tasks, to achieve your aims, enjoy the result and repeat as necessary

Yes for Ideas-SharedAs a member you are always in control

Yes for Ideas-SharedAs a member you decide what you want to achieve and by when

Yes for Ideas-SharedAs a member you decide how you want to progress your ideas and thoughts

Yes for Ideas-SharedAs a member you choose with whom you want to collaborate with

What are you thinking about?

Fully Documented Help Available

With a comprehensive 41 page User Guide, it should take you no more than 15 minutes to have your powerful profile set up then you’ll be ready to start sharing and planning those activities:

Yes for Ideas-SharedDevelop your ideas

Yes for Ideas-SharedRant and get it off your chest

Yes for Ideas-SharedSolve and overcome any problem

Yes for Ideas-Shared

Share important articles

Yes for Ideas-SharedAsk or get answers to difficult questions

Yes for Ideas-SharedPromote your free and paid solutions

Yes for Ideas-SharedGet those much needed jobs completed with anyone, locally and globally.

YES! You’re Invited

On demand, everyday local and global collaboration, asking for and getting the resources you need at scale to benefit yourself, the community, any special interest group, schools, clubs and business too, using simplified digital tools and processes is the key to developing ideas, overcoming problems and converting all manner of general thought into value and benefit with friends and new acquaintances alike and is only attainable through a Global Social Change & Improvement Platform that showcases every type of activity and enables task led project deployment and benefits realisation.
Ideas-Shared is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! Throw away any preconceptions you may have about what an ‘ideas’ site should be; instead sit back and enjoy your exclusive Ideas-Shared experience.

Now imagine… what would you change and improve if you had the chance? What would give you the most satisfaction? Who would you help and what do you need to make it happen? Imagine the potential…

YES! You’re invited to sign up and use our all-purpose global social change and improvement platform to help you achieve your goals 24/7. >>> So, start your personal 30 day trial for FREE today!

Ideas-Shared is committed to giving ‘thinkers and doers’ like you, an opportunity to initiate and help change and improve any part of your World, locally or globally. We believe our collective success is built upon the trust, integrity and honesty of our members alongside mutual kindness, malice-free cooperation and popular value generation under-pinned by activities such as idea development and problem resolution.