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Ideas-Shared is designed to help individuals and groups deliver highly specific goals using intelligent collaboration

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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.  ~ Helen Keller

What Do You Do?

Take control of your own destiny… consistently, and predictably deliver the everyday activities, change, improvements, and associated benefits you want. Do this with the people you choose… from those you know, and those you’ve yet to meet. Join FREE here.

Develop ideas – build, campaign, do something, improve, innovate, invent, or suggest something ~
outcomes include: making money, bringing joy to others, changing the law, improving quality of life, and helping people live longer
Overcome frustrations – complain, change, get redress, improve, overcome, vent frustration, vent anger, warn others, stop something ~ outcomes include: feeling better, being less stressed, improved temper, showing others you care, and gaining support
Fix problems – change, fix, improve, overcome, repair, solve, stop something ~ outcomes include: getting something working, increasing values, improving quality of life, and feeling better
Share information – complain, educate, evaluate, explain, inform, promote, share, showcase, warn, or stop something ~ outcomes include: becoming famous, developing a following, understanding people more, and making better decisions
Ask questions – decide, engage, get feedback, influence, learn, and prompt reactions ~ outcomes include: knowing more, getting answers, progressing to the next level, being the expert
Offer solutions – educate, promote and sell something for free or for money ~ outcomes include: increased revenue, increased profits, and improved reputation
Manage jobs – find help, and offer help ~ outcomes include: getting things done, improving matters, and feeling good about life
Showcase places – share your favourite places, alert issues, and showcase places ~ outcomes include: attracting more visitors, earning more money, gaining coverage, getting sponsorship, showing support, and gaining financial help
Promote events – share a day in history, conferences, exhibitions, fundraising activities, open days, public meetings, trade shows, or online meetings ~ outcomes include: meeting new people, seeing old friends, bringing people together, and getting things done

What’s In It For YOU?

Make your mark – tell the world you’ve arrived, build your brand, grow your network, and get ready for new adventures…
Identify & share your urgent & important goals – focus on what you want and put in motion a plan to achieve your vision with everyday activities…
Get what you need to achieve your goals – start the ball rolling and finally be on your way to getting what you want simply by asking…
Plan & execute tasks that deliver the outcomes you want – create teams and feel great knowing that you’re activities are in progress…
Complete the adventure – share the benefits and enjoy the success that comes from completing activities, then repeat it all again and start new adventures…

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We are a small team of passionate individuals who have a goal to help everyone make a difference in the world!


Ex-Soldier, Procurement & Supply Expert, Entrepreneur

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Ex Pro-Footballer, Change Advocate, Influencer

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On every issue, it seemed, we kept bumping up against somebody, a politician, a bureaucrat, some distant CEO – who had the power to make things better but didn’t. – Barack Obama (A Promised Land)

But You Do…

Help yourself, help other individuals, and groups overcome adversity and take advantage of opportunities through activity completion and intelligent collaboration.