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Special Notice: Ideas-Shared is currently in final development and we are aiming to go live in April 2019. Thank you for your patience.

Develop Ideas

List any idea that you’re passionate about, big or small, find the resources and help you need to turn ideas into tangible benefits.

Vent Frustrations

Don’t put up with poor performance any more. Warn others or put a spotlight on what needs to be changed or improved upon.

Fix Problems

List the problems that need to be fixed locally or globally. Get a following, get help and resources and make that difference today.

Ask Questions

Get the answers you need to any question and don’t let ignorance stop you from achieving your goals.

Proffer Articles

Be seen as an expert and get your valuable information into the hands of people who need it today. Grow your influence on our platform.

Promote Solutions

Offer your paid and free products and services to our membership and beyond. Create more awareness of what you can do to help.

Manage Jobs

Quickly list paid or free work you want completed or offer your services for free or simply promote yourself if looking for a job.

List Events

Add upcoming events to invite your target market to participate with you in any activity. Link to other pages and add counters.


Add announcements to any listing and grab the attention of existing members or new members looking for what you have.

Make Friends

Identify people with the motivation and desire to help you or accept invites from other people who want you to help them.

Manage Projects

Create and manage open and closed projects, member lists, tasks, documents, chat and email help you plan and deliver.

Leader Board

Easily find top rated members to help you or quickly discover most rated activities by type that are making a difference.

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Ideas-Shared Getting Started Guide

Whether things are going well or not so well, we recognise the potential of harnessing the power of human thought to overcome adversity, that’s why all Members have access to our free Getting Started Guide.

Learn how to get the best out of Ideas-Shared in your life and attract others to help you develop ideas, resolve problems and more! Available after signup from the Getting Started page.