What You're Getting

Here’s what’s you get today:

  • Your own Ideas-Shared Profile and recognition that you want to make a difference
  • Founder Members Badge shows the world you care
  • Dream Team Builder Optimisation Model eBook to learn all about IT+(IS+LP)=VB
  • Option to add an unlimited number of idea, rant, problem, question, article, solution, and job listings
  • Option to engage in our comprehensive forum
  • Ability to syndicate your listings to major social networks and elsewhere
  • Ability to view and search members and make new friends
  • View and search listings and help someone else make a difference
  • Rate listings to create viral interest
  • Review Leader Board and focus on what’s popular
  • Post on our Activity Wall and be an intrinsic part of our community where your voice counts
  • Use Community messaging to stay in contact with everyone
  • Create open, closed, and secret groups to plan and manage tasks
  • The option to help yourself, another person, or any community, business, club, school, charity, special interest group, the environment, wildlife, and more…

We give you the chance to share and progress your ideas, overcome your frustrations, fix problems, ask questions, share knowledge, promote solutions, and ask or offer help to undertake jobs. On Ideas-Shared you can talk about things AND start doing things with people who want the same outcomes as you!

Ideas-Shared really is designed to bring people from across the world together, whether in communities, homes, businesses… to share their ideas and thoughts… then get the help needed to turn those ideas and thoughts into value and benefit. It really is as simple as that. Register here.


Ideas-Shared is a new ‘ad-free’ idea and thought management platform/social network that offers everyone the chance to make a difference in the world.


  • Founders Pass – FREE for a limited time only, launch special
  • Youth Pass – FREE for 16 to 17-year-olds inclusive
  • Adult Intro Pass – FREE but excludes add a listing function
  • Adult Pass with Monthly Subscription – £3.99 per month
  • Adult Pass with Annual Subscription – £29.99 per year
  • Adult Pass Plus with Monthly Subscription – £5.99 per month
  • Adult Pass Plus with Annual Subscription – £49.99 per year

Founders Pass is only available during our Launch Period, so if you’re interested, and want to use our solution to make a difference, then come and join us by registering here. (Ensure you click the Founders Pass option to lock in your free lifetime membership).

So why a charge? Well, it costs a lot of money to run a site like Ideas-Shared, therefore without advertising revenue, we cannot cover all of the costs ourselves, which is why we do need to charge a small amount to help us keep going.