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Deliver Outcomes

Ideas-Shared is all about delivering tangible results based on the activity in question. When creating Activity Listings you share these with other members and the wider world.

It is these outcomes that draw people to help you, and they can be a mix of any of thefollowing:

  • Basic Needs Fulfillment: Ensuring access to essential requirements forms the foundation for overall well-being and equity across various domains.
  • Health Improvement: Enhancing physical and mental well-being is essential for individuals, organisations, and communities to thrive.
  • Safety Enhancement: Establishing safety and preventing harm or danger is crucial for all levels of society.
  • Happiness Increase: Cultivating contentment, joy, and overall well-being contributes to personal and collective flourishing.
  • Relationships Improvement: Nurturing meaningful connections fosters social support and collaboration across contexts.
  • Financial Improvement: Making progress in financial situations benefits individuals, businesses, and economies.
  • Network Growth: Increasing influence, reputation, and authority of the individual and organisation.
  • Quality of Life Improvement: Elevating the overall standard of living encompasses health, environment, and experiences.
  • Performance Improvement: Striving for continuous growth and excellence applies to personal and organisational success.
  • Security Enhancement: Establishing stability and protection is paramount for physical, financial, and emotional well-being.
  • Freedom Increase: Attaining autonomy and choice empowers individuals and societies to progress.
  • Peace of Mind Attainment: Achieving a state of calmness and assurance enhances well-being and decision-making.
  • Wealth Increase: Achieving financial stability and prosperity supports individuals, businesses, and economic growth.
  • Income Increase: Earning a sustainable livelihood benefits individuals, families, and economies.
  • Process Efficiency Increase: Optimising workflows and operations for productivity gains applies across industries and sectors.

Sharing the results you’re seeking to achieve alongside your ambitions, goals, ideas, and thoughts gives other members the opportunity of getting involved and of helping you realise a different future.

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