About Us

Ideas-Shared facilitates Intelligent Collaboration between members who want to change and improve something, other site visitors who want to share their opinions, and members who both support the decision-making process and/or get involved in achieving specific outcomes.

We provide a scalable, and predictable solution for members to overcome adversity and take advantage of opportunities using our unique Software as a Service and methodology.  It’s designed for more than 2 billion individuals (16+) globally, and up to 5 billion groups of 5 to 1000 people, each representing every conceivable part of our communities, organisations, businesses, public bodies, and government departments throughout the world, where each element can build a presence, share ideas and thoughts, and intelligently collaborate with each other, internally, and eternally to deliver shared local, and global goals.

We do this using our platform and methodology that facilitates members’ ability to identify their key goals, and then convert those into one or more of 18 everyday activities, and 40+ desired outcomes, that once achieved deliver the primary goals wanted. We also provide guidance for all members to optimise their collective experience and increase their chances of success through proven engagement and communication strategies.

We are a new solution, with high hopes, and expectations. As such, we invite you to be part of this new global initiative designed to help make the world a better place and to deliver much-needed change and improvement that you believe is necessary.

Proven Technology Repurposed

For many decades now, technology has been used to bring buyers and sellers together. Today, marketplaces are commonplace, and a great way to share one’s goods and services that are for sale, and bring customers together to buy.

Ideas-Shared has taken that proven everyday concept, used by many of the most successful companies in the world, including Amazon, and built a marketplace of ideas and thoughts. But that’s not all, given the challenges that we have as a society to change and improve our world… we have created our Ideas-Shared Formula to help all members achieve 18 everyday activities using ‘intelligent collaboration’ throughout the world.

It’s designed for people and groups who want to share ideas, and team up to deliver their personal, community, social, political, environmental, and business goals by harnessing the skills and experience of a broader team, and by planning and executing specific tasks that deliver desired outcomes.

This meticulously presented solution…

  • Offers an absorbing Idea-Sharing Solution designed to help individual and group members identify and deliver 18 core personal, community, business, non-profit, and government activities such as developing ideas, overcoming frustrations, fixing problems, and more, in support of their strategic goals, with help from people you know, and those you’ve yet to meet.
  • Is powered by Intelligent Collaboration, a unique mechanism designed to turn these 18 activities into 40+ desired outcomes along with their intrinsic value and benefit.
  • Facilitates a ‘journey’ for individuals and groups from the time disparate ideas and thoughts pop into one’s head, or when they are triggered by opportune events and adverse issues unfolding in one’s life, or in those of a group, community, organisation, or business, through to when desired outcomes are delivered.
  • Helps individuals and groups focus away from any disruptive behaviour, drawing on intuition, and analysing situations using curiosity, to identify urgent and important activities one believes are necessary to make a difference somewhere in the world.
  • Helps members plan and execute tasks that deliver the desired, goals, and ambitions set by individual activities… the rest as they say is history!

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Get Involved… Help Yourself… Help Others…

Sign up to use Intelligent Collaboration plus our ‘self-help’ platform, and methodology to identify your goals, share ideas, build teams, and deliver 18 primary ideas and thought activities, across 140+ categories, locally and globally. Sign up to share these with the world, invite people to help you, then plan and execute tasks that deliver the desired outcomes you want!

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Our Mission

To help individuals and groups overcome adversity and take advantage of opportunities through intelligent collaboration.

Our Values

No holding back, committing 100% to our members. Leading with integrity, trust, and respect. Having a “We, not Me” attitude. Caring MORE, giving more, never less. Serving others.

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