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Our Mission

“Uniting the world for positive change through inclusive collaboration”

At Ideas-Shared, our mission is to strategically position individuals and entities online in the most effective and efficient manner, fostering a global community united in driving impactful change and improving our world. With a commitment to inclusivity, we aim to overcome challenges and create a platform where every voice is heard and valued. By promoting open dialogue, consensus, and collaboration, we facilitate better decision-making processes that translate into meaningful actions. Additionally, we strive to aid the integration of the Internet of People (IoP) into the Internet of Things (IoT), creating a seamless connection between human ambition and technological innovation. By bridging the gap between people and IoT devices, we empower individuals and entities to leverage the full potential of the interconnected world, driving innovation, efficiency, and positive transformation. Our ultimate goal is to generate value and benefits for individuals and entities by leveraging collective intelligence and harnessing the power of collaboration, making a tangible difference in the world.

Our Purpose

“To provide a transformative platform that helps members realise ambitions, and unlock boundless opportunities”

Our Vision

“To be the global hub for collaborative innovation, problem-solving, and empowerment, enabling members to deliver mutual benefit and create a global network of empowered individuals and organisations driving positive change”

Our Values

“Integrity, teamwork, quality, value, and resolve.”











Our Culture

Our commitment to our values and behaviours drives us to continuously strive to provide our members with the greatest chance of realising their ambitions and achieving their goals. We believe that everyone should have the freedom to actively participate and make meaningful contributions..

Our Team

About Bob Thompson Co-Founder

Bob Thompson Co-Founder

Bob is an exceptional individual with a diverse background. Having served in the military and holding an MCIPS qualification as a procurement and supply professional, he brings a unique set of skills to our team. He is a natural problem-solver and possesses an innate ability to troubleshoot and fix complex issues. Bob’s deep understanding of processes and technology allows him to deliver value and benefits effortlessly, even when faced with the most challenging requirements.

Known for his straightforward communication style, Bob has the remarkable gift of saying things as they are. His eccentricity, combined with an unwavering commitment to providing quality, sets him apart. Bob’s dedication to fairness and his desire to help everyone achieve more drive his actions. He is a contrarian who dares to challenge conventional thinking, refusing to follow the pack. Bureaucracy, inefficiency, and waste are things he passionately opposes.

In 2018, Bob took the original concept of Ideas-Shared and transformed it into the robust platform it is today. Through his leadership, we have expanded our services, making them accessible to hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Bob is responsible for steering the direction, growth, and product strategy of our company, ensuring that we continue to meet the evolving needs of our users. His unwavering dedication to excellence and his visionary approach have been instrumental in shaping Ideas-Shared into what it is today.

About Ivar Ingimarsson Co-Founder

Ivar Ingimarsson Co-Founder

Ivar, a former professional footballer, possesses a compassionate nature and consistently prioritises the well-being of others. With a genuine desire for the best outcomes for everyone, Ivar deeply understands the inherent potential of individuals collaborating and supporting one another.

It was Ivar who initially shared his ambition with Bob to establish an inclusive “idea” site for people from all walks of life. This single conversation sparked the inception of Ideas-Shared and set the foundation for our journey.

While residing in Iceland, Ivar actively contributes to the growth and development of Ideas-Shared. His dedication to the platform aligns with his passion for nurturing tourism in his native country. As an influential figure within the community, Ivar brings valuable insights and perspectives that shape our vision and impact.

Ivar’s unwavering commitment to empowering individuals and his contributions to both Ideas-Shared and the local tourism industry highlight his invaluable role in driving positive change. His presence and dedication amplify our mission of facilitating collaboration and fostering a sense of unity among our diverse user base.