The diagram over on the left, highlights the process that underpins our methodology:


  • Browse to Ideas-Shared
  • Join our Community
  • List Your Activities and Set-up Projects
  • Ask for Help i.e. labour, money, assets, information, support
  • Develop Friendships and Collaborate
  • Plan and Execute Mini-Projects
  • Deliver Value and Benefit
  • Repeat as necessary


But that’s not where the real magic lies!

That comes from the imagination, desire, motivation and feelings of all our members who stop at nothing to make our World a better place.

If you think the same, then come and join our global on-demand social ‘change and improvement’ platform!

Ideas-Shared Process Wheel

One single membership lets you do all this…

  • Create listings on behalf of yourself, the community group, club, special interest group, business, charity…
  • You choose the type of listing: idea, rant, problem, question, article, solution or job…

On Ideas-Shared you can create your own story, achieve your goals and manifest happiness. It is the ultimate global on-demand social change and improvement platform…

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