See how Ideas-Shared helps you convert your ideas and disparate thoughts into tangible outcomes & benefits

Share, convert, benefit:


  • Join ideas-Shared


  • List Your Activities and Set-up Projects


  • Develop Friendships and Join Forces


  • Plan and Execute in Mini-Projects


  • Repeat

Get the results you want by...

  • Sharing ideas and gauging interest
  • Asking for help
  • Accepting help and pooling resources
  • Planing and developing projects
  • Fixing things
  • Warning others
  • Protecting yourself
  • Venting frustrations
  • Promoting and selling
  • Finding interesting things to do
  • Meeting new people
  • Developing friendships
  • Seeing what’s going on
  • Finding and going to events
  • Promoting yourself
  • Getting answers to pressing issues

On Ideas-Shared you create your own story, achieve your goals and manifest happiness. It is the ultimate global on-demand social change and improvement platform