Ideas-Shared is a premium, attraction based platform delivering change and improvement across all manner of topics for personal, community and business benefit. That benefit is planned and managed through Open and Closed Projects that are created with each listing.

Listings with requirements and potential benefits are added by our members and offered to the world in general.

Interested parties review the listings and when desirable choose to help. Interested parties may speak with list owners at any time or simply join open projects to see what’s going on and help out.

Closed projects relate to listings that are more sensitive and/or ‘restricted’ by the list owner are only accessible through an invitation by the list owner, however such invitation must be preceded by a confirmation and acceptance by the 3rd party to join the Project. Simply blasting out Project invites to all and sundry is simply a form of spamming and it may limit the potential. Rather than simply blast out project invites, list owners should send interested parties links to the listing first to engage in conversation that may/may not result in someone joining a Closed Project.

Note that the following diagram shows a high level overview of the process…

Ideas-Shared has taken the complexity of online thought development and collaboration to new levels right across the spectrum of society and made it accessible to everyone.

If you have the passion to change or transform that which matters most to you, then use our simple formula:


  • Join ideas-Shared


  • List Your Activities and Set-up Projects


  • Develop Friendships and Join Forces


  • Plan and Execute in Mini-Projects


  • Repeat

So... What Can You Do On Ideas-Shared?

  • Share ideas and gauge interest
  • Ask for help
  • Accept help and pool resources
  • Plan and develop projects
  • Fix something
  • Warn others
  • Protect yourself
  • Vent frustration
  • Promote and sell
  • Find interesting things to do
  • Meet new people
  • Develop friendships
  • See what’s going on
  • Find and go to events
  • Promote yourself
  • Get answers to pressing issues

More Importantly... What Can You Achieve?

Ideas-Shared is a universal tool to take personal thoughts and develop these for yourself, the community and business with like-minded people, globally.

What you choose to achieve is entirely up to you as long as it is safe and legal. Ideas-Shared is a tool to benefit everyone and we’d like to keep it that way. Thank you.