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You love exploring new possibilities and enjoy working with others generating novel ideas. You like to dream big and believe everyone should do the same!


Stability. accuracy and certainty is everything to you. You love the detail and are known for bringing order to chaos, expecting others to be prepared!


It’s all about connections for you and you value meaning. You also enjoy exploring different interpretations or perspectives and believe in give and take!

Whatever your personality, likes and dislikes, you can post your thoughts and undertake projects on behalf of yourselves as well as on behalf of community groups, sports clubs, charities, special action groups and business too!


Learn more about how to use Ideas-Shared if you’re frustrated, angry, have a problem you want fixed, or you’ve experienced poor performance and want to stop others from experiencing the same.


Learn more about how to use Ideas-Shared if you’ve some great ideas and need help, or you want to help others, and you’re willing to collaborate in small projects to make a difference across the World.

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Learn more about how to use Ideas-Shared if you’ve got free or paid solutions to help other people overcome their challenges and frustrations, or you have the capacity to provide others with advice.

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