Our Members are much like us, they believe in a fair and just society where everyone should be able to achieve their goals and aspirations. They are inspired to take action for whatever purpose they find fulfilling – they are ‘thinkers and doers’ – leaders across society, not content with the status quo, defiantly looking to change and improve all that needs attention… they focus on achieving value and benefit from developing ideas, alleviating frustrations and overcoming problems with impeccable integrity and focus.

What brings our members together is a deep routed wish to help themselves and others right across the spectrum of society and across a multitude of topics and interest areas.

Our members know that on Ideas-Shared they can post thoughts and undertake projects with others to find value and benefit for themselves; as well as on behalf of community groups, sports clubs, charities, special action groups and business too!

Like you they are concerned parties, solution developers and innovation experts all rolled into one, offering help and needing help every day of their lives…


Learn more about how to use Ideas-Shared if you’re frustrated, angry, have a problem you want fixed, or you’ve experienced poor performance and want to stop others from experiencing the same.


Learn more about how to use Ideas-Shared if you’ve some great ideas and need help, or you want to help others, and you’re willing to collaborate in small projects to make a difference across the World.

Ideas-Shared Sales Category

Learn more about how to use Ideas-Shared if you’ve got free or paid solutions to help other people overcome their challenges and frustrations, or you have the capacity to provide others with advice.

Our members understand that we need to do things better and that sometimes we also need to do better things…