The Problem

We live in an ever complex World, where time is at a premium and attention spans are getting ever shorter. In fact in the year 2000, the average person’s attention span was 12 seconds, today it is less than 8…

We’re so easily distracted…

On average:

>>> We check our email inbox 30 times an hour…

>>> We check our mobiles more than 1500 times a week…

>>> We read only 20% of the words on a web page…

>>> We visit web pages for only 10 to 20 seconds each…

It’s obvious that with so much going on, finding the time to focus on our important thoughts and passions was becoming increasingly difficult; as was finding others to help us achieve our goals.

So we looked for a solution where we could share our thoughts and get the specific help, whenever and wherever we wanted, but we couldn’t find anything suitable.

That’s when we decided to create our own…

We wanted to create a global solution, where ‘anyone’ over the age of 18, could post their desires (including ideas, frustrations, problems, solutions, knowledge share, questions and jobs); specifically for the purpose of changing and improving anything without distraction. We wanted this to be easy; and we wanted it to be affordable for everyone.

We also wanted to create a solution that was all-purpose, for the community, clubs, personal use, special interest groups, charities, churches and business use. We wanted a way to ensure that with a little planning and action, real results could be delivered, regardless of the issue at hand.

We knew when we started that this wasn’t going to be an easy undertaking ,but we were confident that we could deliver this unique and very valuable solution for you.

We achieved our goals so you could achieve yours

It took us a while but we did it; now you can join in…

Join Ideas-shared to get results. Get results by developing ideas, venting frustrations, overcoming problems, getting answers, sharing valuable knowledge, offering or asking for free and paid services, products, jobs and more.

With hundreds of uses in your personal life, communities, clubs, charities, schools, business and special interest groups, your potential to get results from change and improvement projects is limitless.

Yes for Ideas-SharedEasily post ‘attraction’ based change and improvement listings

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Segment your listing globally, across 103 topical categories and 1475 keywords

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You choose what you achieve, by when and how

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Find people with the same passions as you

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Ask for and get the help you need to progress

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Help friends old and new achieve their desires

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Agree the best way to achieve your goals

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Post on behalf of yourself or any organisation

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Syndicate your listings to major social networks

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Invite friends to open and closed projects

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Fully documented Guides to help you on your journey